When the going gets tough, some still get a bite!

Jamie Boomer
Jamie Boomer

Wicked winds, frosts and gin clear waters have been making fish hard to come by for all but the most skilled – or downright lucky – anglers on local waters.

And while most fell to roving rods, the biggest reported Upper Ouse perch of the week – just an ounce short of 4lb – fell to Dave Gibbins in a pegged-down match at Newton Blossomville.

On Olney's section Paul Andrews netted a 5-11 chub...with Phil Lee catching the same fish at the same weight from the same swim two days later!

Further upstream Fishing Republic's Jack Maroney had a 4-12 after work, and Willards' Tom Ray bagged a couple of near-doubles pike.

Phil Mapp was among those catching chub on the Ouzel, netting a 5-pounder, while Jamie Boomer had a couple two – plus a mint-looking low double pike from Caldecotte.

FISHING the local cut last week one angler must have had visions of getting knocked in, kit and all, as a cyclist came steaming along led by a panting dog tied to his handlebars.

But just as collision looked inevitable – the adventurous mutt turned sharp right...towing hapless master with him into the cold, cold cut, bike and all. Please don't all guffaw at once.

NEXT year's world lure-fishing champs, involving up to 20 countries, is to be on Rutland Reservoir according to the Angling Trust.

MK Vets, Furzton: Steve Bettis 21-3 (inc 14-8 carp), Alan Ford 10-8, Bob Gale 8-12.

OLNEY Ouse midweek: Alan Carr 13-11, Paul Caton 12-8, Pete Laughton and Pete Hawley both 10-15; RBL open, Sunday: Steve Bull 7-10, Caton 6-4, Hawley 6-3-8.

MKAA get-together Riverside Meadows Ouzel: Colin Chart 9-13, Dave McClennan 8-5, Steve Chilton 5-8.

NENE-Towcester, Newton Blossomville Ouse: Dave Gibbins 4-10 (inc 3-15 perch), Pete Laughton 2-15, Mick Goodridge 0-14.

TOWCESTER Vets, Cosgrove canal: Goodridge 4-8, John Balhatchett 4lb (inc 1lb roach), Gren Reed 3-1.

CALVERT (bad day at Claydon Lake): Andy Franklin and Barry Witteridge both 0-1-0. Rest did not weigh.

THE Parks Trust has been replacing a number of platforms on Lodge Lake.

AN EA electro-fishing sweep from Fenny to Three Locks didn't produce the canal cats it was aimed at but saw 74 zander (an alien species) to 6lb removed.

FIXTURES: Dec 2 MKAA Xmas match Stony-Bradwell Ouse tickets local tackle shops or 01234 713144; Dec 5, Olney Ouse open with Xmas match on Dec 9, 01234 240061; Dec 19 Black Horse Lake pike match, 01908 690969 (Waters Edge).