Willen lake gives up big catches

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Changeable weather or not – fair sized carp have been on the chomp all over MK during the past week.

Willen kept up its recent form as Reece Keane had a 34llb common and Mike Jackson (both reporting through GoneFishin) five to 21-8 on home-made baits over a spod mix.

Spending a day searching Parc Farm lakes at Linford with good old-fashioned floating crust, Gary Maton had a 29-10 mirror and a 20-9 ghostie – and a lot of fun doing it.

On Furzton Michael L’Honore (pictured) had a flush of fish including the 19lb, almost leathery, mirror pictured.

And, also on Furzton, Tackle Hub’s Dave Sassoon got a rapid response in Wednesday afternoon’s blazing sunshine as he netted an 18lb common within minutes of casting out a ‘special’ offering.

Talking of flying starts, Hannah Kennedy got off to a good’un when she decided to let boyfriend Luke teach her how to fish on Tear Drops, and bagged this pound perch.

By contrast Monday’s river season start – the glorious 16th – was a rather pedestrian affair for many: me included as I managed a 3-6 Whitings chub and an unwanted run-in with a cackle of aggressive middle-aged ‘lady’ dog walkers who didn’t seem to know that their mutts are supposed to be put on leads when misbehaving.

On the brighter side that section is absolutely teeming with small dace.

Sport wasn’t much quicker downstream at Olney, though ‘Paul’ landed a 4-8 chub and Keith Mitchell had four bream for 21lb – heaviest 6-5.

Anyone fishing Lodge on its opening day, and pleased to find they had a nicely trimmed peg, should thank bailiff Ian Pledger who, with the co-operation of MK Parks Trust, spent Saturday afternoon opening up 45 pegs. And if you are that grateful, I believe he drinks Magners. Don’t all rush at once...

Osprey: Decoy Lakes: Trevor Watson 110lb, Dave Miller 80lb, Mark Carter 74lb.

Bucko’s Charity qualifier, Parkers, Bulkington: Glenn Ribbons 67-5, Mark Russell 48-2, John Holmes 38lb.

Towcester vets, Brickhill, Eydon: Mike Howkins 37-14 (29lb of that all crucians), Ron Collins 35-4 (inc a 19-4 carp), Chris Howard 19-1.

DATS, evening match (3.5 hours), Navvi canal: Roy Hefferon 14-4, Richard Lattimer 9-8, John Hough 9-2.

Towcester, Bairstows: Dave Martin 14lb, Pat Jacquest 10lb, John Balhatchett 1-4.

CALVERT v DATS, Claydon Lake: James Lewis was the only home-side man to frame as he tied with DATS’ Lee Jones on 11-12. Ernie Sattler had 9-7 and Paul Chapman 5-8.

MK vets, Claydon Lake: John Hewison 11-4, Mick Reynolds 9-11, Barry Witteridge 9-8.

Linford, Bolbeck Park cut: Nick Barker 7-9, Eamon Burke 5-14, Mick Hill 4-9.

Fixtures: September 13, Beacon’s Mount Farm charity open in memory of the late Geraldine (MK Angling Centre) – 48 hours, all fish count, Steve Cooper 07446 935635.