World records for Bletchley lifting legends

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WEIGHTLIFTING masters Ted Brown and Henry Clark were at it again last weekend as they returned home from the World Drug Free Powelifting Championships in Glasgow with gold mdeals around their necks – and new world records.

The pair, who train at the Bodyworks Gym in Bletchley, flew from Luton up to Scotland the day before the competition at the Scotstoun Stadium and were in the perfect shape to take on the world’s best in their respective categories.

Brown, well known on the international stage, competed in the 60kg bodyweight class for over 80s and broke new world records for all his three lifts – a squat of 107.5kgs, his bench press of 85kgs, and a deadlift of 145kgs to total 337.5kgs. That was easily enough to make him the world champion for an eighth time in his long and illustrious career.

Training partner Clark lifted a squat of 135kgs, bench press of 55kg and deadlift of 150 kgs for a 340kg total, making him world champion in the 75kg class.

Brown said: “I want to thank everyone at Bodyworks Gym for their support and want to give a mention to Neil Abery and Simon Marshall who are both awesome lifters and also won world titles in their respective classes.”