Worldwide success for MK’s fishermen

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National and international medals were practically raining down on MK anglers over the weekend.

Maver Milton Keynes’ Phil Wintle, pictured, now sits atop the national scene after winning Saturday’s 400+ peg Angling Trust Division 1 National Championship.

Incredibly that was his SECOND ‘national’ gold (he topped the NFA Division 3 while with Towcester way back in ‘88) so his doing the double really HAS to be the equivalent of lightning striking twice in one place!

On the same day – a 1,000 miles away in Rome – city lad Terry Lancaster, pictured inset, was collecting team silver with England in the World Veterans’ Champs...missing an individual bronze by just one point.

For Phil, on the tidal Trent at Besthorp: “It was the day everything went right for a change. I got to my peg, saw bream rolling, and immediately knew what I would do.”

Feeding heavily he went out with maggots and worm on three-ounce feeder.

Netting 12 bream to 6lb plus bits for 18 kilo, he helped Milton Keynes to 28th from 42 – but his individual crown, plus section winner’s medal, plus around £2,500 payout, all came down to the final 10 minutes during which he landed an extra 5 kilo.

By then, having earlier broken two landing net handles, “I’d had to do a bit of emergency DIY lashing bits of both together with tape. But it was an incredible result and I didn’t have a clue that I’d won until I got back to headquarters.”

Giving him the news was city ‘youngster’ Michael Buchwalder who, fishing with Dorking, got a team bronze.

Terry’s world team silver was his third (he also has a gold) from six England outings, and he’s not a bit phased about missing individual honours.

Third in section both days, he said: “It’s a team match, and the team result is the important thing – individual medals are nice but not what we’re there for.”

Pegged on a rising and falling Tiber below a hydro-electric power station, he fished white maggot on 25 and 50 gramme ‘flat’ floats to catch 3.750 and 2.900 kilo of barbel, skimmers, chublets and carasso – a variety of carp.

Italy won (realistically no one was going to beat them in their own country) with England just two points adrift and nine points ahead of bronze medalists Hungary.

MKAA individual league, Tear Drop 1: Kevin Osborne 17-3, Ernie Sattler 15-9, Bob Gale 13-4.

Towcester vets, Flecknoe: 478lb between 9 rods, John Balhatchett 112-7, Gerry Green 75-4, Ron Collins 71-2.

Newport open, Ouse: loads of silvers, Paul Caton 16-4, Mick Burrell 15-10, Mick Stanley 15-5.

Towcester, Bairstows: Les Goodridge 16-12, Bob Eales 11-4, John Balhatchett 7lb.

MK vets, Stowe: Steve Chilton 16-13, Austin Maddock 15-2, Roger Tebbutt 13-10.

Calvert, Itters Pit: Barry Smith 15-2, Colin Chart 14-7, Dave Lewis 10lb.

Olney’s first reported barbel of the season, 5-10, caught by Adam Short.

Fixtures: Furzton Festival opens: Wednesday August 20, Ken Ball vets 01908 565446; 22nd, disabled 01908 608944; 24th, float-only and, 25th Frank Swan memorial both 01908 313158.

Aug 16, Olney river open 01234 240061; Aug 23, Newport river open 07795 068428.