Bests slashed at the Classic

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Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club played host to the British Milers Club PB Classic, and it certainly lived up to it’s name.

As the name suggests, plenty of Personal Bests were set during the course of the event.

In the 800m Archie Rippin (M17) lowered his best to 1m 58.33s as did Charlton Kerr (M17) 2m 01.13s, George Glinski (M17) 2m 08.98s, Devon Harford (M15) 2m 12.09s, Nathan Nurse (M20) 2m 13.78s, Ewan Forsythe (M15) 2m 16.49s, Jack Meijer (M15) 2m 24.26s, Katie Mallaghan (F13) 2m 27.77s, Jessica Nuttall (F15) 2m 31.77s, Alastair Stuart Brown (M13) 2m 33.28s, Anna Kofoed-Gregory (F15) 2m 33.54s, Peter Graham Hickman (M13) 2m 35.32s, Montana Edghill (F13) 2m 39.04s and Gemma Lee Milne (F13) 2m 53.13s.

In the 1500m there were PBs for Louis Clarke (M17) 4m 11.3s, Conrad Webber (M17) 4m 25.02s, Daniel James Hynes (M17) 4m 35.48s, Charles Wheeler (M17) 4m 36.59s, George Wheeler (M17) 4m 36.66s, Jake Cox (M15) 4m 37.43s, Connor Marley (M15) 4m 46.12s, Robert Hickman (M13) 4m 55.31s,Charley Madgin (M15) 4m 57.16s, Emma Mears (F15) 4m 59.35s, Jack Sharp (M13) 5m 08.68s, Holly Jamieson (F15) 5m 15.42s, Jack Terrey (M15) 5m 22.70s, Tomas Billenness (M13) 5m 35.79s and Jemima Hughes (F15) 6m 14.09s. A final PB came in the 1500m Steeplechase as Natalie Nurse (F17) finished in 5m 58.43s.

Not quite at their best in the 800m were; Oli Lum (M20) 2m 08.01s, Felix Lum (M17) 2m 18.72s, Harvey Green (M15) 2m 20.04s, Sophie Botham (F17) 2m 26.28s, Marcus Lovell (M15) 2m 32.20s, Matthew Douglas Cave (M13) 2m 40.99s and Kiylen Nurse (M13) 2m 45.69s.

In the 1500, Toby Herdman-Smith (M17) 4m 42.86s, Corey Moore (M15) 4m 39.16s, James Dowsett (M13) 5m 20.61s and Jade Brown (F17) 5m 33.49s.

It was mixed fortunes for MMKAC at the 2nd Veterans League Match at Cambridge with the Women winning their match to extend the overall League lead over Cambridge & Coleridge with Biggleswade 3rd.

The Men however shared 2nd spot with Cambridge in a very tight match with only four points separating the top three while Bedford not only won on the night but grabbed the top League spot by just half a match point.

It was a good start in the 200m with wins by Chrispina Odunewu (F35) in 31.5s and Scott Herbert (M35) 24.2s with 2nd Lesley Byrne (F50) 34.5s and 3rd John Turner (M50) 29.0s. Three 2nd places came in the 800m for Corrine Nurse (F35) 2m 36.1s, Jeremy Vick (M35) 2m 16.4s and Denis Edghill (M50) 2m 21.5s and there were two wins in the 3000m by Kerry Adams (F35) 12m 29.2s and Malcolm Down (M50) 10m 44.9s.

Unusually the Walkers only managed two 2nd places over the 1 mile event with Di Presswell finishing in 12m 53.5s and Brian Graves in 11m 30.2s. Even the Relays had a lower than normal return with a win for the F35 4x400m squad in 5m 07.9s and 2nd for the M35 team 4m 04.8s.

It was better in the High Jump with wins by Corrine Nurse (F35) clearing 1.30m and Carl Baldwin (M60) 1.15m with 2nd Lesley Byrne (F50) 1.15m and 3rd Scott Herbert (M35) 1.30m.

In the Triple Jump more wins came for Chrispina Odunewu (F35) 8.31m and Lesley Byrne (F50) 7.61m with 2nd for Carl Baldwin (M60) 7.83mand in the Discus Emma Beales (F35) won with 41.73m while it was 2nd for Lesley Byrne (F50) 17.49m, John Turner (M50) 30.67m and Bunt Scott (M60) 31.58m and 3rd David Goldsworthy (M35) 21.76m.

Finally in the javelin there were 2nd places for Di Presswell (F35) 15.25m, Lesley Byrne (F50) 12.29m and John Turner (M50) 27.17m and 3rd for David Goldsworthy (M35) 29.06m and Bunt Scott (M60) 25.41m.

In an heroic effort at Newham the Club’s depleted UK Women’s League team grabbed a fine 5th spot to move them away from the relegation zone to 6th overall.

Leading the charge was Joey Duck winning both the 100m and 200m in 12.06s and 24.13s respectively and Nichola Gibson finished 4th in the 400m recording 61.12s.

In the 800m Martinha Ferreira was 3rd in 2m 30.73s as was Lara Bromilow in the 1500m with a time of 4m 47.18s and Lara took another 3rd in the 3000m taking 10m 02.61s with 4th by Sophie Gibbens 12m 59.10s.

Sisters Rachel and Sophie Gibbens were 1st and 2nd in the high jump clearing 1.70m and 1.40m respectively and there were two 4th places in the long jump as Rachel leapt Gibbens 5.22 and Nichola 4.17m.

The discus added more points with 3rd for Emma Beales 41.03m and 2nd by Emma Beardmore 32.31m who was also 2nd in the Hammer 43.13m with 1st for Sadie Watts 42.97m and to conclude Emma Beales was 4th in the javelin throwing 25.98m.

The latest round of the East Midlands Grand Prix was the Corby 5 (mile) race with only a small turnout from the club as Jonathan Peters finished 9th in 27m 34s chased by 12th Matthew Clarke 27m 58s, 139th Kevin Church (M50) 35m 34s, 153rd Joanna Greenslade (1st F40) 36m 07s, 157th Richard Scrase (M40) 36m 29s, 282nd Malcolm Kidby (M45) 45m 38s and 307th Hazel Cockerill (F50) 51m 58s.

In the Northants Ultra 35 “Shire and Spires” race Richard Harrison finished 35th.