Celebrations in the Curtis house

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There were celebrations at the Curtis house as brothers Freddie and Redford took the top two places in the javelin at the England Athletics Under 23 Championships in Bedford.

The Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club members threw 64.18m and 59.07m, which was also a personal best for Redford to take the gold and silver while in 8th place Edward Wilson also improved his best to 52.08m. Just out of the medals Kayleigh Presswell (F20) finished 4th in the hammer throwing 51.82m.

Meanwhile at the European Team Cup in Braunschweig, Greg Rutherford jumped 7.99m to finish 2nd for Great Britain behind German Christian Reif 8.13m.

It was not quite such good news in the third Sweatshop Southern Athletics League match in Harrow as the team finished a good 2nd behind their hosts and ahead of Herts Phoenix.

The men sadly lacked competitors in the more specialise events including both Hurdles races and the pole vault dropping valuable points which could have won the match.

However both squads once again fielded some of the vlub’s younger talent who put up a gallant effort starting in the 100m with 2nd for Aaron Adom (M23) 11.3s, 3rd Nick Williams (M20) 11.7s, 2nd Ebony Carr (F17) 12.6s and 3rd Casey Hodges (F17) 12.9s.

In the 200m there was a win for Aaron in 22.2s with 3rd places for James Cowell (M20) 24.0s, Casey 26.8s and Amy Botham (F20) 27.7s with two more 3rd spots coming in the 400m through Amy 63.9s and Katie James (F20) 62.2s. A fine win in the 800m by Ross Threlfall 1m 57.1s was well supported by 2nd Sam Deathe 2m 01.1s, 3rd Gemma Childs (F20) 2m 26.7s and 2nd Martinha Ferreira (F35) 2m 32.0s.

It was better in the 1500m with 2nd for Lara Bromilow 4m 53.0s, 1st Elle Roche 4m 57.2s, 2nd Ross 4m 06.1s and 2nd Owen Seamark (M17) 4m 28.8s. Improving to win the 3000m Lara finished in 10m 11.2s with 3rd Michelle Simmonds 13m 29.4s while in the 5000m there was a win also for Mark Ryall 15m 30.2s.

Two 3rd places came in the 400m Hurdles thanks to Faye Richold 71.9s and Carly Scott 86.4s who was also 3rd in the 1500m steeplechase taking 6m 07.3s with a B string win for Sophie Gibbens 6m 11.4s .

In the 2000m steeplechase Ryan Burling m(M23) won in 6m 05.0s with 2nd for Eliot Winter 7m 19.4s. Another win came in the women’s 4x100m relay as the squad finished in 49.6m with the men taking 3rd spot in 45.7s while in the 4x400m relay the men were 2nd finishing in 3m 33.9s and the Women 3rd 4m 17.6s.

A superb double win in the high jump courtesy of sisters Rachel 1.65m and Sophie Gibbens 1.45m with 3rd for Chuko Cribb (M23) 1.95m, pictured.

The only pole vault success came with 2nd by Kewe King (F20) as she cleared 2.20m but the long jump produced wins for Naomi Greener (F17) 5.40m, Rachel 5.15m and Chuko 6.57m with 2nd for Louis Evling-Jones 6.04m. In the triple jump Chuko notched up another fine win leaping 14.64m with 3rd places for Callum Ballantyne (M17) 10.57m and Carly 7.67m.

It was a double victory in the Shot thanks to Emma Beardmore 11.06m and a hard working Rachel 8.9m with 2nd by Louis 11.83m with 3rd Lewis Barnes (M20) 10.25s.

The two Emma’s added a further double win in the Discus as Emma Beales (F35) threw 44.54m and Emma Beardmore 36.35m with 2nd for Louis 35.35m and a win for Lewis 33.71m.

Three more wins came in the Hammer with Emma Beardmore throwing 45.13m, Laeken Impey (F20) 38.53m and Mark Roberson 49.12m with 3rd Lewis 23.45m.

Finally in the Javelin there were 2nd places for Louis 47.43m and Gaith Taha 36.97m.

Despite being at home the third round of the Youth Development League proved very tough for the Club’s Under 15 and Under 13 teams in a close match with only 24 points separating winners City of Stoke from the Club in 4th place.

The F15 team had the best of the day with two 2nd places coming in the 100m thanks to Rachel Oderinde 12.9s and Grace Linnett 13.2s and two more came in the 200m by Jordan Heron 26.7s and Grace 27.7s.

This pattern continued into the 300m with 2nd for Rhona Grant 43.7s and Iris-Mae Morse 45.6s while Rhona grabbed another 2nd in the 800m finishing in 2m 29.6s with 3rd Jessica Nuttall 2m 39.1s.

In the 1500m there was another 2nd by Emma Mears 5m 00.7s with the first win of the day by Holly Jamieson 5m 12.2s and the 4x100m Relay team were 2nd in 50.8s with the 4x300m squad winning in 3m 07.1s to complete their track events.

The Discus produced a 3rd place by Sade Ross 21.02m who then took 2nd spot in the Hammer 39.82m while the Javelin resulted in 3rd places for Amy Milne 15.54m and Amber Evans 12.51m.

Continuing her campaign Sade putted 10.07m in the Shot for 2nd place and in the Long Jump there was a win for Molly Adams 5.02m with 2nd for Amber 4.54m and to round off the F15 match Rhona won the High Jump with a 1.40m clearance. The Under 13 Girls took a while to make the podium but they eventually did it in style with a superb double win in the 800m thanks to Katie Mallaghan 2m 32.6s and Isobel Hindley 2m 46.2s, unfortunately that was their only track success.

However there was another win in the Javelin as Hannah Weatherley threw 22.42m with 2nd for Jasmine Trapnell 11.88m and in the Long Jump Tamzin Hill leapt 4.06m for 2nd and Phoebe Bailey was 3rd with 3.54m finally in the High Jump Charlotte Bailey was 2nd clearing 1.33m. The Under 15 Boys also had a sluggish start recording their first podium with 3rd in the 300m as Ewan Forsythe finished in 44.0s however two 2nd places came in the 800m as Connor Marley crossed the line in 2m 19.2s and Ewan Forsythe 2m 17.7s while there was another 2nd in the 1500m by Devon Harford 4m 36.2s with 3rd Jake Cox 4m 45.3s.

Despite their lack of individual sprinting success the 4x300m relay team pulled of a fine 2nd finishing in 2m 53.1s. A 3rd place came in the Javelin with Ed Tobin throwing 17.54m and to conclude a tough day there was a 2nd in the Long Jump for James Robertson 4.26m.

It was no easier for the M13 squad but in the 100m Ethan Wiltshire took 2nd in 12.8s with 3rd for Sam Featherstone 14.8s while in the 800m it was 3rd for Jack Sharp 2m 32.7s and 1st for Alastair Stuart Brown 2m 31.5s.

The 1500m resulted in 3rd for Robert Hickman 4m 51.9s and 2nd Peter Hickman 5m 13.9s with a great win in the 75m Hurdles for Ethan Wiltshire 13.0s and a 3rd place by Lyndon Keeling-Zatta 16.8s with another 3rd for the 4x100m Relay team as they finished in 57.1s.

Another fine win came in the Javelin as James Palmer threw 28.90m with 2nd for James Ericsson-Nicholls 18.55m, the pair were together again in the Shot but reversed positions with 2nd for James Palmer putting 9.13m and 1st for James Ericsson-Nicholls 7.01m.

First place also awaited Ethan in the Long Jump A as he leapt 4.64m with 2nd for Sam 3.96m who rounded of the day with 2nd in the High Jump 1.30m accompanied by James Palmer 1.15m also in 2nd place.

The sixth race in the EMGP series at Harborough marked the crucial stage where runners who have completed all the previous events can start to discount their worse results to improve their overall standings.

Leading the Club’s group home around the undulating five mile circuit was 9th placed Jonathan Peters finishing in 27m 23s with Matthew Clarke three places and thirty two seconds behind. Next in was 23rd Jeremy Vick 29m 22s chased by 45th Andrew Wasdell (M40) 30m 39s, 82nd John Skelton (1st M60) 32m 53s, 126th Richard Scrase (M40) 35m 00s, 137th Kevin Church (M50) 35m 28s, 155th Joanna Greenslade (2nd F40) 36m 11s, 251st John Wilkinson (M55) 40m 38s, 252nd Karen Tincknell (F35) 40m 40s, 272nd Ed Hill (M65) 42m 01s and 287th Malcolm Kidby (M45) 43m 20s.

Just three Club runners contested the Marston Forest 5k lead home by 5th placed Steve Green in 16m 40s followed by 30th Malcolm Down (M50) 18m 35s and 171st Malcolm Kidby (M45) 24m 58s.

At the other end of the scale veteran “Ultra” runner Richard Harrison finished the West Highland Way race, a mere 95 miles including ascents totalling 14000 feet finishing 65th in 23h 25m.