Devon’s new best leads to gold

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A brilliant personal best by Devon Byrne, secured the England Athletics senior women’s heptathlon title at Bedford for the Marshall Milton Keynes athlete.

A PB in the 100m hurdles of 15.02s in to a slight headwind started the charge followed by a shot putt of 11.14m, a 1.57m clearance in the high jump 1.57m, another headwind in the 200m had little impact as Devon finished in 26.40s and again in the long jump leaping 5.23m, a throw of 37.38m in the javelin left just the 800m to take the title which was done with panache with a PB of 2m 17.58s for a total of 5004 points.

MMKAC also contested in the two day Bucks and Oxon Track & Field Championships at Oxford. And their efforts were rewarded with a good medal haul and no less than three Championship Best Performances by Sade Ross in the F15 shot and sisters Lauren (F17) and Kayleigh Presswell (F20) both in the hammer.

In the 100m there were Gold medals for Ryan Walker (M20) 11.43s, Jordan Heron (F13) 13.32s and Ebony Carr (F17) 12.78s, Silver for Lee Westley (M17) 12.04s and Bronze for Rachel Oderinde (F13) 13.81s, Elysia Marriott (F20) 12.95s and Naomi Greener (F17) 13.44s.

The 200m yielded gold by Jordan Heron (F15) 27.17s, Ryan Walker (M20) 22.80s and Ebony Carr (F17) 25.94s, silver Lee Westley (M17) 23.57s and bronze for Lizzie Adam (F17) 27.00s and Elysia Marriott (F20) 27.05s.

In the 300m it was gold for Lizzie Adam (F17) 42.57s, Silver Kate Maddox (F15) 45.65s and Annie Jankowiak (F17) 44.11s and bronze Corey Moore (M15) 41.99s.

There was silver and bronze in the 400m from Katie James (SF) 62.66s and Nathan Nurse (M17) 57.53s.

For the youngest age group the 800m was run as a time trial with Katie Mallaghan (F13) 2m 32.34s running the 3rd fastest time while although finishing 1st and 2nd in the first race Robert Hickman (M13) 2m 28.39s and Jack Sharp (M13) 2m 31.01s ended up 4th and 5th.

In the 800m was as normal with gold for Emma Mears (F15) 2m 26.70s, silver Gemma Childs (SF) 2m 26.86s and Archie Rippin (M17) 2m 06.25s with bronze for Ross Threlfall (SM) 1m 59.76s, Sophie Botham (F17) 2m 22.80s and Amy Botham (SF) 2m 30.54s.

Four Gold medals came in the 1500m: Emma Mears (F15) 5m 06.99s, Lara Bromilow (SF) 4m 58.80s, Archie Rippin (M17) 4m 13.96s and Ross Threlfall (SM) 4m 10.47s, with bronze for Devon Harford (M15) 4m 38.46s, Owen Seamark (M17) 4m 25.66s and Ryan Burling (SM) 4m 13.43s.

One of each came in the 3000m with Lara Bromilow (SF) 10m 33.94s taking her 2nd Gold, Owen Seamark (M17) 9m 39.97s potted Silver with Bronze for Archie Rippin (M17) 9m 50.88s.

The only hurdle success came in the 400m as Felix Lum (M17) grabbed Bronze in 65.74s, however there was better fortune over the sold barriers of the Steeplechase with Gold for Owen Seamark in theM17 1500m race taking 4m 58.84s while in the 2000m event there was Gold for Ryan Burling (SM) 6m 16.18s and Silver for Eliot Winter (SM) 6m 36.12s.

On to the Field events and the high jump produced two gold medals by Lucy Johnston (F17) 1.55m and Samuel Featherstone (M13) 1.40m, silver for Tamzin Hill (F13) 1.28m and Bronze Jasmine Trapnell (F13) 1.25m and Molly Adams (F15) 1.35m.

Five golds came in the Shot with Tamzin Hill (F13) putting 6.14m, Sade Ross (F15) 10.82m (CBP), Lucy Johnston (F17) 8.40m, Emma Beardmore (SF) 10.20m and James Ericsson-Nicholls (M13) 7.09m with Silver for Hannah Weatherley (F13) 5.98m, Paige Barnes (F17) 8.09m, Laeken Impey (F20) 7.24m and Harrison Reed (M13) 5.74m.

The discus resulted in two Golds by Emma Beardmore (SF) 33.94m and James Ericsson-Nicholls (M13) 19.20s, silver for Laeken Impey (F20) 19.85m with Bronze for Jasmine Trapnell (F13) 14.92m and Paige Barnes (F17) 22.24m. It was about the same in the Javelin with Gold for Jonathan Pownall (M17) 62.03m and Gaith Taha 39.37m, silver from Hannah Weatherley (F13) 17.84m, Laura Cumino (F17) 22.97m and Laeken Impey (F20) 20.71m with bronze by Lucy Johnston (F17) 13.87m.

In the long jump there were gold medals awaiting Molly Adams (F15) 4.84m, Naomi Greener (F17) 5.11m, Jack Porteous (M15) 4.23m and James Mottram (M17) 5.59m with silver for Amber Evans (F15) 4.55m and bronze for Lucy Johnston (F17) 4.67m and Matthew Cave (M13) 4.07m. Just one medal but it was gold in the triple jump as James Mottram (M17) cleared 11.47m.

Finally in the hammer it was gold for Lauren Presswell (F17) 46.85m (CBP), Kayleigh Presswell (F20) 51.32m (CBP) and Emma Beardmore (SF) 43.93m, silver for Paige Barnes (F17) 43.22m and Laeken Impey (F20) 41.88m and bronze, Laura Cumino (F17) 36.47m.

For the second year the third East Midlands Grand Prix road race incorporated the popular Blisworth 5 (mile) this year won by Michael Aldridge of Wootton and Rachel Cave from Higham Harriers. Leading the way back for the strong club contingent in 5th place was Jonathan Peters in 27m 26s chased home by 10th Matthew Clarke 27m 52s who just held off 12th Mark Palser by four seconds.

Taking 31st spot was Jeremy Vick in 29m 23s with 52nd Andrew Wasdell (M40) 30m 28s, 69th John Skelton (2nd M60) 31m 26s, 74th Daniel Brumby 31m 34s, 91stEdward Dunn 32m 07s, 94th Ian Pheasey 32m 14s, 118th Nick Washington 33m 36s, 122nd Mike Burling (M55) 33m 44s, 137th Lido Medori (M50) 34m 17s, 139th Robby Taylor 34m 19s, 141st Russell Jones (M40) 34m 20s, 167th Kevin Church (M50) 35m 23s, 180th Joanna Greenslade (F40) 36m 03s, 186th Katie Penrose (F35) 36m 17s, 258th Karen Tincknell (F35) 39m 31s and 304th Ed Hill (M65) 42m 10s.

A record twenty four teams contested the annual Round Milton Keynes Relay with teams of four running as close as possible to the perimeter of MK over multi-terrain.

The fastest three teams were all from the Club and winning the Presidents Cup was “Wasdell Elite” (Gary Blaber, Wendy Webber, Dan Webber and Ian Lamb) finishing in 3h 23m 44s which with an age adjusted time of 3h 13m 20s also won them the Pat Graves Memorial Shield. Taking 2ndspot also in both trophies was “Di’s Boy’s” (Jonathon Peters, Di Baldwin, Graham Jones and Jeremy Vick) back in 3h 28m 08s age adjusted to 3h 20m 35s while in 3rd was “Wasdell Wombles” (Andrew Wasdell, Katie Penrose, Chris Mahon and Chris Nicholson) taking 3h 48m 15s adjusted to 3h 33m 30s.

Gaining most from the age calculation were 18th placed “President’s Team” (Keith Cook, Milford Callow, Kelvin Smith and Maria Calleia) in 4h 56m 14s but 8th age adjusted in 3h 48m 30s.

Also gaining were 15th“Chafing The Dream” (Ed Hill, Dawn Blaber, Jim Miller and Ursula Ghaleb)in 3h 55m 43s taking age adjusted 11th 4h 49m 44s as did 19th “Twisted Blisters” (Brian Daniells, Chris Ryder, Jason Carvhalo and Heather Cockerill) 4h 14m 10s moving to 16th 4h 58m 36s but 20th “Scrambled Legs” (Karen Tincknell, Malcolm Kidby, Kevin Church and Peter Tye) 5h 01m 55s only gained time to 4h 38m 49s.

Only the Lum brothers competed at the latest Watford Open Meeting with Oli (M20) finishing the 200m in 26.22s while Felix (M17) set a new personal best time of 58.40s in the 400m.