Difficult start to season continues


There was a good turn out at the National Cross Country Relays in Mansfield for MMKAC but not a great deal of early season success.

The best placed teams were the U13 Boys A team and the U15 Girls A team both finishing 21st thanks to 24th Robert Hickman 7m 24.3s, 19th James Dowsett 7m 37.0s and 21st Charlie Sanders 7m 46.9s for the Boys and 17th Emma Mears 7m 25.6s, 21st Charlotte Moyse 7m 56.7s and 21st Jessica Nuttall 7m 57.3s.

The next best were the Senior Women with 23rd courtesy of 17th Lara Bromilow 10m 21.5s, 11th Elle Roche 10m 40.3s and 23rd Michelle Simonds 12m 18.8s. While it was 25th for the U20 Women through 31st Gemma Childs 9m 46.1s, 28th Sophia Cliffe 10m 04.3s and 25th Fern Yull 10m 52.7s.

There was an interesting contest for the next best placing with the U15 Boys B team just getting the better of the A team by two places finishing 33rd and 35th.

Leading the B team charge was 46th Jack Meijer 7m 00.1s with 40th Connor Marley 7m 05.1s and 33rd Harvey Green 7m 03.4s with the A team of 50th Ewan Forsythe 7m 02.2s, 46th Devon Harford 7m 08.5s and 35th Jake Cox 7m 01.1s.

Just making the top 40 the Senior Men came home 39th thanks to 31st Steve Tuttle 15m 57.4s, 39th Ryan Burling 17m 07.9s, 49th Josh Lyman 18m 07.5s and 39th Liam Smith 16m 48.1s.

In 41st were the U17 Women consisting of 54th Sophie Botham 10m 11.5s, 46th Jade Brown 10m 48.3s and 41st Natalie Nurse 10m 55.9s with the U13 Girls 43rd thanks to 51st Katie Mallaghan 8m 13.1s, 35th Imogen King 8m 13.0s and 43rd Gemma Milne 8m 53.5s.

The U20 Men finished 44th with 62nd Michael Greener 10m 14.0s, 49th Oli Lum 10m 26.9s and 44th Nathan Nurse 11m 10.2s.

Taking 46th spot was the U13 Boys C team of 78th Matthew Douglas 7m 44.0s, 68th Kiylen Nurse 8m 11.8s and 46th Harry Ewing 7m 37.8s while in 49th were the U17 Men with 53rd Owen Seamark 10m 16.2s, 46th Conrad Webber 10m 20.0s and 49th Scott Howkins 11m 15.3s.

The U15 Boys B team were 53rd with 50th Jack Sharp 7m 42.8s, 53rd Peter Hickman 8m 06.3s and 53rd Leo Freeland 8m 30.2s while the C squad finish 69th thanks to 73rd Charley Madgin 7m 21.2s, 72nd Aaron Wooton 7m 50.6s and 69th Marcus Lovell 7m 46.2s.

The U13 Girls B team were 75th with 99th Montana Edghill 9m 01.4s, 77th Isobel Hindley 8m 33.2s and 75th Charlotte Cook 9m 06.6s while the U15 Girls B team of 88th Amber Harman 8m 25.4s, 85th Rosie Merrin 9m 00.1s and 78th Libby Herdman-Smith 8m 57.3s in 78th.