Greg Rutherford’s Olympic-standard efforts to try to save an injured deer

Greg Rutherford deer Tweets
Greg Rutherford deer Tweets

Olympic star Greg Rutherford carried an injured deer two miles to his home as he tried to save its life.

The gold medallist, who lives in Woburn Sands, came across the animal while out walking his dogs near his home.

Greg, who won Gold in the long jump during the London 2012 Olympics, told his Twitter followers: “Just carried an injured deer about two miles home and now awaiting the RSPCA to come and help the little fella. Poor thing has a broken leg.”

When the RSPCA told Greg it was likely to have to put the deer down because of its broken leg he decided to contact another local animal hospital.

By now, the deer had a name - Doris - and Rutherford was hopeful that it could be helped to recovery.

But although the TiggyWinkles animal hospital went to his home, put the deer’s leg in a splint and took it away, the pelvic injuries were too severe, and Dories had to be put down.

Greg ended the story by Tweeting: “Really sad day today. Doris the injured deer I brought home yesterday had to be put to sleep due to her injuries.”