Hammer decathlon success for Paige

MMKAC winners
MMKAC winners

Paige Barnes threw a new personal best to win the hammer decathlon forMarshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club in Derby.

The youngster looked in fine form as she set a UK F15 Best total of 3402 points.

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She threw the 2kg Hammer 37.04m, the 2.5kg 43.03m, 3kg 38.38m, 3.5kg 36.36m, 4kg 34.88m, 5kg 15.81m, 7.5kg 11.52m, 9.08kg 7.97m, 10kg 6.89m and the 12.5kg 4.77m.

At the other end of the age scale M70 Jack Kee also won as he threw 2kg 50.17m, 2.5kg 50.70m, 3kg 44.59m, 3.5kg 42.30m, 4kg 40.84m, 5kg 19.96m, 7.5kg 16.96m, 9.08kg 13.60m, 10kg 13.28m and 12.5kg 11.48m for total of 7150 points.

Taking the M17 silver medal was Lewis Barnes with 3kg 63.96m, 4kg 57.27m, 5kg 48.11m, 6kg 41.71m, 7.26kg 36.31m, 7.5kg 22.26m, 9.08kg 17.64m, 10kg 16.92m, 12.5kg 14.33m and 15.88kg 11.22m giving 6209 points.

And there was a bronze for M55 Mike Burling with 4kg 33.97m, 5kg 30.36m, 6kg 28.58m, 7.26kg 24.01m, 9.08kg 19.65m, 10kg 12.72m, 12.5kg 10.69m, 15.88kg 8.76m, 19.05kg 7.45m and 25.4kg 5.38m giving 4166 points.

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A great run by Wendy Webber, pictured above, won her the Leighton Buzzard 10 (mile) Women’s title while the Club’s Men grabbed 2nd in the team event with the Women 3rd.

First back in 5th was Daniel Webber, pictured above, with a time of 58m 57s chased by 16th Ross MacKenzie 63m 21s, 21st Gary Blaber (M40) 66m 11s, 24th Andrew Wasdell (M40) 66m 27s, 26th Wendy Webber (1st F35) 66m 38s, 30th Michael Kerrigan (M40) 66m 56s, 46th Neil Jones 70m 26s, 54th Chris Nicholson 72m 09s, 111th Finn Hansen (M40) 83m 54s, 137th Ursula Ghaleb (3rd F55) 91m 37s, 138th Christine Ryder (F45) 91m 37s, 139th Jim Miller (M60) 91m 37s, 178th Malcolm Kidby (M40) 1h 44m 46s and 188th Hazel Cockerill (F45) 1h 49m 23s.

At the Northampton Half Marathon Paul Mason (M60) was 36th in 94m 17s, with 40th Keith Brown (M45) 95m 27s, 52nd Geoff New (M45) 97m 07s and 65 Chris Worton (M45) 99m 38s.

Eleven teams from the Club contested the South of England AA Road Relays at Aldershot.

In a tough competition the Senior Men worked hard for 62nd finishing in 2h 10m 52s with Steve Tuttle 19m 31s on leg 1 handing over to Ryan Burling 19m 40s and then on to Jeremy Vick 21m 44s, Mick Greener 23m 16s, Oli Lum 25m 03s and finally Sam Deathe 21m 38s.

It was 34th for the Under 17 Men with a combined time of 56m 22s courtesy of Owen Seamark 13m 18s, George Glinski 14m 11s, George Wheeler 14m 03s and Charlie Wheeler 14m 50s.

The Under 17 Women took 40m 28s for their 38th spot.