Home comforts for veteran athletes

Mark Robertson
Mark Robertson

Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club took full advantage of home track experience by winning their final Eastern Veterans League match of the season.

The more mature members of the club took advantage of the home track with the men beating Fairlands Valley by seven points to win with 2nd for the women just four points behind Fairlands Valley with Kettering a distant 3rd in both categories.

With almost a clean sweep in the 200m there were wins for Phil Balderston (M35) 29.0s, Paul Canning (M40) 26.0s, Ivars Licietis (M50) 26.9s, Paul Toombs (M60) 33.3s and Di Baldwin (F55) 35.3s with 2nd for Chrispina Odunewu (F35) 31.0s and 3 rd Jacquie Maycock (F45) 44.6s.

It was a similar story in the 800m with 1 st going to Corrine Nurse (F35) 2m 32.2s, Di 2m 50.1s, Malcolm Down (M50) 2m 21.5s, Rob Balderston (M40) 2m 28.2s and 3rd for Jacquie and Alasdair Gibson (M60) 2m 41.9s with 2nd by 4m 03.9s.

It was not quite so good in the 3000m with wins by Jeremy Vick 12m 36.4s and John Skelton (M60) 10m 37.7s with 2nd places for Neil Ovington (M40) 10m 28.9s, Stewart Fraser (M50) 11m 29.0s, Kim Lowden (F35) 11m 35.7s and Ursula Ghaleb (F45) 14m 28.3s. Even the 400m Hurdles produced wins for Paul Canning (M40) 73.3s and Corrine Nurse (F35) 79.6s with 2nd for Lesley Byrne (F45) 95.6s.

In the 1 mile Walk there were wins for Di (A race) 9m 35.0s and Ursula Ghaleb (B) 10m 29.2s with 2 nd by Brian Graves (B) 11m 07.2s and 3rd for Bob Austin (A) 10m 37.0s.

The Relay consisting of a 400m 2x 200m plus a final 400m saw wins for the M35-49 squad in 2m 55.9s, the M50 team 2m 55.8s and F35 3m 25.2s with the F45 3rd in 4m 13.4s.

There was less success in the Field events but the Pole Vault resulted in 1st for Mark Roberson (M35) 2.00m and Lesley Byrne (F45) 1.70m with 2nd for Corrine 1.30m.

The Triple Jump had only one win for M40 Paul Canning 9.86m while there were 2nd places for Chrispina 6.36m, Lesley 7.93m and Di 5.53m and 3rd by Ian Van Lokven (M50) 7.70m.

Three wins in the Discus came courtesy of John Turner (M50) 31.52m, Bunt Scott (M60) 34.40m and Di Presswell (F45) 16.12m with 2nd for Mike Burling (M40) 20.13m and 3rd for Sam Barnes (F35) 12.26m and Di Baldwin (F55) 12.72m.

The final Javelin event produced the same result with wins for Mark 38.67m, John 31.09m and Bunt 27.38m with 2 nd for Jack Kee (M40) 19.85m with 3rd for Chrispina 15.58m and Di Presswell 15.94m.

Despite the very windy conditions there were still a few Personal Best performances at the latest Watford Open Meeting: In the 100m Felix Lum (M15) lowered his best to 13.04s, Nathan Nurse (M17) improved to 13.57s and Eric Watkins (M15) 14.09s.

Also in the 100m were; Alana Slater (F35) 13.73s, Amy Botham (F17) 14.01s and Amber Evans (F13) 14.58s.

In the 800m there were PBs for; Devon Byrne 2m 18.88s and Matthew Cave (M13) 2m 38.98s with Chad Lambert 1m 52.19s, Archie Rippin (M17) 2m 02.04s, Oli Lum (M20) 2m 08.32s, Josh Lyman 2m 09.73s, Luke Elton 2m 10.33s, Sophie Botham (F15) 2m 24.85s, Natalie Nurse (F15) 2m 40.54s, Holly Jamieson (F13) 2m 40.71s and Amber Harman (F13) 2m 51.40s.

There was also a PB in the Long Jump as Eric Watkins (M15) leapt 4.18m with James Mottram (M15) clearing 4.98m, Felix Lum (M15) 4.93m and Amber Evans (F13) 4.10m.