Local athletics round-up: MMKAC disappointed with fifth

Chad Lambert (M) who won both 800 and 1500m at the Southern League match at MK
Chad Lambert (M) who won both 800 and 1500m at the Southern League match at MK

IT was not quite the season finish Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club desired in the Southern Athletics League especially at home but third leaves the team fifth in the table.

While League Champions Southampton held a convincing lead only six and a half points separated second placed Harrow from the club. Had they been able to catch Harrow they would probably moved up to fourth overall.

The sprints proved to be a bit of a mixed result with two second places in the 100m for Daniel Oderinde (M17) in 11.07s and Nic Williams (M23) 11.56s with third places for Alana Slater (F35) 13.63s and Lucy Brady (F20) 14.57s.

It was much the same in the 200m with second for Ben Sturgess (M20) 22.25s and third for Tom Purton (M20) 23.16s, Faye Richold 27.64s and Alana 27.66s with little improvement in the 400m with third for Ben 50.61s, Tom 51.90s and Amy Botham (F17) 61.37s but a win for Michelle Jessop 63.67s.

However the middle distances once again heralded higher points with a double in the 800m by Chad Lambert (M23) 1m 56.28s and Ross Threlfall 1m 59.44s with third for Gemma Childs (F20) 2m 21.09s and Diane Baldwin (F55) 2m 53.39s.

It was better in the 1500m with wins by Chad 4m 11.14s, Sam Deathe (M23) 4m 13.65s and Ellie Hemmings (F17) 5m 10.14s and second for Lara Bromilow 4m 57.65s.

But it was a clean sweep of wins in the long distance events thanks to Marcin Fudalej 15m 48.15s and Steve Tuttle 16m 36.58s in the 5000m and Lara 10m 19.02s and Wendy Webber 10m 53.61s in the 300m.

The normally reliable steeplechase proved not quite so good with second places in the 2000m by Matt Eager (M23) 6m 29.09s and Eliot Winter (M23) 7m 04.53s and second also for Rebecca Marshall (F20) 5m 27.22s in the 1500m race.

However the women had more success over the hurdles with third place in the 100m for Elizabeth Read (F20) 20.92s and Michelle 21.83s and also in the 400m race by Faye 69.27s with 2nd for Michelle 81.78s. The women also had the only successes in the high jump with three for Elizabeth Read (F20) clearing 1.35m and 2 for Michelle 1.25m but the men had triple jump podiums through third placed Chuko Cribb (M20) 13.80m and first Franklin Ocran 13.50m.

The shot brought more success with third for Lewis Barnes (M17) 10.90m, second Sadie Watts 10.02m and first Emma Beardmore 9.84m but it was better in the discus with wins for Emma Beales (F35) 38.66, Emma Beardmore 31.15m and Lewis 33.64m with second for Jackson Curtis (M20) 36.93m.

It was the same result in the hammer with wins for Sadie 45.05m, Emma Beardmore 40.50m and Lewis 35.68m with second by Mark Roberson 45.19m while only two podiums came in the javelin they were both wins as Jackson threw 63.65m and Sadie 40.40m.

Finally in the 4x100m relay the men took second crossing the line in 43.64s with the women 3rd in 54.66s and in the 4x400m event the Men were third taking 3m 29.69s and the women second 4m 14.09s.

The start of September heralds the start of the Tour of Milton Keynes, with six races in six days totalling roughly a full Marathon in distance.

Day 1 was the Tattenhoe Park 11km road or at least pathway run and was led home by Dan Webber in 38m 37s chased by the first veteran Steve Herring (M40) 38m 58s who was almost a full minute ahead of third Peter Mackrell 39m 56s.

Next home in fourth was Gary Blaber 40m 31s with fifth Mike Kerrigan (M40) 40m 50s, sixth Tom Comerford 40m 56s, seventh John Macdonald (guest) 40m 56s, eighth Ian Van Lokven (M50) 41m 10s, ninth Andrew Kirschner (guest) 42m 09s, 10th Ed Dunn (non-tour) 42m 16s, 11th Andrew Wasdell 42m 35s, 12th Wendy Webber (1st FS) 42m 50s, 13th Chris Norman (guest) 43m 00s, 14th Malcolm Down (M50 non-tour) 43m 16s, 15th Nigel Sheppard (M50 guest) 43m 17s, 16th Martin Erasmus (M45) 43m 49s, 17th Adrian Maidment (non-tour) 45m 28s, 18th Neil Jones 45m 40s, 19th Alan Roberts (M45 guest) 46m 14s, 20th Chris Youens 47m 17s, 21st Tony Dalglish (M45 guest) 47m 18s, 22nd Paul Mason (1st M60) 47m 26s, 23rd Fran Malin (1st F45) 47m 34s, 24th Diane Baldwin (1st F55) 47m 42s, 25th Martin McPheat (1st M50) 47m 55s, 26th Chris Mahon (M45) 48m 05s, 27th Katie Penrose (1st F35) 48m 12s, 28th Tanya Taylor 48m 40s, 29th Dave Findel-Hawkins (M60) 48m 45s, 30th Julie Dalzell (F45) 48m 52s, 31st Terry Down (M55) 50m 08s, 32nd Liam Baldwin (M40) 50m 22s, 33rd Paul Toombs (M60) 51m 13s, 34th Andy Harrison (M50) 52m 28s, 35th Keith Cook (M65) 52m 31s, 36th Julia Brennan (F35) 52m 44s, 37th Ed Hill (M60) 54m 08s, 38th Aaron Glue (guest) 54m 26s, 39th Kevin Church (M45) 54m 28s, 40th Simon Kirschner (guest) 56m 06s, 41st Karen Tincknell (non-tour) 56m 22s, 42nd Brian Daniells (M65) 56m 27s, 43rd Simon Booth (M50 guest) 56m 45s, 44th Jane Goodey (F55) 56m 57s, 45th Hannah Quaintrell (F40 non-tour) 58m 36s, 46th Lee Hope (M40 guest) 59m 22s, 47th Alison Ray (F45) 59m 30s, 48th Richard Gordon (M45 non-tour) 59m 45s, 49th Malcolm Kidby (M45) 60m 26s, 50th Chris Ryder (F45) 60m 38s, 51st Jim Morrison (M65) 63m 46s, 52nd Jo Bevan 64m 44s, 53rd Hazel Cockerill (F50) 68m 57s, 54th Colin Burnett (M60) 71m 24s, 55th Milford Callow (1st M75) 74m 17s, 56th Carl Baldwin (M55) 75m 11s and 57th Jo Down (F40 guest) 75m 46s.