Matt leads the way around the MK 10k

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The final event of the eight race East Midlands Grand Prix series was as usual at Milton Keynes for the 10k single lap course from Woughton on the green up to Willen Lake and back to the Open University.

The race was won by Michael Aldridge (Wootton) and Nicki Nealon (Huncote Harriers) who also won their respective series titles.

Needless to say there was a fine turnout by Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club members, although few than normal grabbed top series places with the exception of John Skelton 1st M60 winning all but one of his qualifying races.

The only other overall podium finisher was Joanna Greenslade with 3rd in the F40 category. Leading the club group home in 10th was overall Matt Clarke taking 34m 37s finishing 7th overall but behind 6th placed Jonathan Peters who was not competing on the night.

In 13th was Stephen Green 35m 12s, 18th Tom Comerford 35m 46s, 23rd Gary Blaber (M40) 35m 58s, 26th Mark Palser 36m 15s, 31st Graham Jones 36m 33s, 58th Jos Dyer 37m 56s, 85th Chris Nicholson (M40) 39m 39s, 88th Edward Dunn 39m 42s, 99th Neil Jones 39m 54s, 101st John Skelton (1st M60) 40m 00s. 110th Ian Pheasey 40m 51s, 122nd Chris Mahon (M45) 41m 22s, 126th Finn Hansen (M50) 41m 32s, 130th Russell Jones (M40) 41m 47s, 142nd Lido Medori (M50) 42m 21s, 152nd Martin McPheat (M50) 42m 38s, 156th Alex Knowles (2nd F50) 42m 40s, 159th Robby Taylor 42m 50s, 174th Jason Carvalho 43m 26s, 179th John Hamilton (3rd M60) 43m 35s, 180th Maria Calleia (F40) 43m 35s, 189th Richard Scrase (M40) 44m 11s, 191st David Allen (M40) 44m 13s, 201st Joanna Greenslade (F40) 44m 34s, 226th Kevin Church (M50) 45m 17s, 229th Mervyn Phillips (M55) 45m 23s, 240th Melanie Wright 45m 50s, 241st Jack Comerford 45m 50s, 269th David Findel-Hawkins (M60) 46m 55s, 282nd Susan Davey (F35) 47m 25s, 284th Julie Dalzell (F45) 47m 33s, 289th Lauren Hankers 47m 51s, 290th Mark Sharp (M45) 47m 52s, 321st Karen Tincknell (F35) 49m 22s, 368th Ed Hill (M65) 53m 00s, 373rd Peter Tye (M40) 53m 18s, 395th Malcolm Kidby (M45) 54m 38s, 400th John Wilkinson (M55) 54m 58s and 433rd Hazel Cockerill (F50) 59m 04s.

In another local race at the NSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon Michael Kerrigan (M40) was 11th crossing the line in 79m 54s, 14th Gary Blaber (M40) with a PB of 80m 02s, 83rd Julie Jones (F45) 93m 46s, 86th Russell Jones (M40) 94m 14s, 88th Neil Jones 94m 44s, 119th Les Turton (M50) 97m 39s, 120th Keith Brown (M40) 97m 39s, 130th Maria Calleia (F35) wit a PB of 98m 11s, 136th Kelvin Smith (M60) 98m 42s and 419th Geoff Aldridge 1h 57m 40s.

In Portsmouth Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club’s UK Women’s League team worked hard in their 3rd match and are slowly pulling clear of the relegation zone with a good 6th place moving them above Reading in the table to 5th.

While as usual in this top level competition podium places were few and far between for the club the highlight of the day was a fabulous double victory in the Discus thanks to Emma Beales throwing 41.89m and Emma Beardmore 35.34m.

Although not quite as good the Hammer resulted in 2nd for Kayleigh Presswell 51.87m with another win by Emma Beardmore 44.51m. In the High Jump Rachel Gibbens leapt 1.65m for 2nd with 3rd for Kayleigh clearing 1.45m who was also 2nd in the shot putting 9.76m.

The only track podiums were earned by Lara Bromilow with 2nd in the 3000m, finishing in 9m 55.4s and also in the 1500m taking 3rd in 4m 46.4s while in the 100m Hurdles Nichola Gibson 20.4s was 4th.

There was another 4th in the long jump for Rachel Gibbens 5.12m and again in the triple jump 10.03m with sister Sophie 9.15m taking 3rd spot and finally in the javelin Emma Beales 27.66m in 4th.

In the third Veteran’s League match at Bedford the men were just four points behind their hosts with Cambridge & Coleridge a distant 3rd while the women were a clear twenty two points ahead of Bedford for another win, Cambridge also taking 3rd spot.

It was something of a sluggish start with the 100m producing a win by John Browne (M60) 13.0s, 2nd for Chrispina Wilson (F35) 14.6s, Lesley Byrne (F45) 16.1s and Mark Dowson (M35) 13.1s with 3rd John Turner (M50) 13.9s. It was better in the 400m with wins for Corrine Nurse (F35) 65.2s, Mark Dowson (M35) 57.4s and Alasdair Gibson (M60) 67.9s with 2nd for Lesley Byrne (F45) 85.4s and Denis Edghill (M50) 59.9s.

The 1500m resulted in just one win by John Skelton (M60) 5m 21.8s with 2nd place for Kerry Adams (F35) 5m 38.6s, Di Baldwin (F45) 6m 33.2s, Jeremy Vick (M35) 4m 33.4s and Malcolm Down (M50) 4m 56.6s.

The 1 mile walk resulted in wins for Di Baldwin 10m 02.0s and Lesley Byrne 12m 03.1s with 2nd for Carl Baldwin 11m 01.8s and Brian Graves 12m 25.2s. But the best success on the track was reserved for the end with three wins in the 200 + 200+ 400 + 800m relay as the F35 squad finished in 5m 06.3s, the M35 in 4m 12.6s and the M50 4m 19.7s.

There was another win in the Pole Vault for Carl Baldwin (M60) clearing 2.20m with 3rd Corrine Nurse 1.30m while in the long jump there were 2nd places thanks to Steph Johnston (F35) 3.68m, Lesley Byrne (F45) 3.70m and Carl Baldwin (M60) 3.86m.

Not as good in the Shot with 2nd Mark Roberson (M35) 10.38m and Bunt Scott (M60) 9.44m with 3rd Chrispina Wilson (F35) 7.68m and David Goldsworthy (M50) 9.41m. To conclude the match the hammer yielded three more victories for Jeanette Lawrence (F45) 21.65m, Mark Roberson (M35) 46.60m and Bunt Scott (M60) 34.48m with 2nd for Di Presswell (F35) 22.19m and David Goldsworthy (M50) 22.23m.

There were numerous Personal Best performances at the latest Watford Open Meeting with the 1500m giving improvements for Ross Threlfall 4m 02.03s, Archie Rippin (M17) 4m 08.45s, Owen Seamark (M17) 4m 15.54s, George Wheeler (M17) 4m 33.79s, Charles Wheeler (M17) 4m 34.93s, Ewan Forsythe (M15) 4m 36.15s, Jack Comerford 4m 54.17s and Cameron Beazley-Clarke (M15) 4m 54.17s while in the 3000m Ryan Burling 8m 55.59s and Michael Greener (M20) 9m 56.37s lowered their fastest times. Also competing were Sam Winters 4m 11.85s, Josh Lyman 4m 12.11s, Sophie Botham (F17) 4m 56.88s, Mike Burling (M55) 5m 18.59s and Libby Herdman-Smith (F15) 6m 06.19s in the 1500m, Alana Slater (F35) 13.81m for the 100m and Marcin Fudalej 8m 50.99s over 3000m. At the Oxford Open Meeting Will Clarke (M17) set two PBs with 12.79s for the 100m and 2m 22.73s for the 800m he also ran the 400m in 58.68s and in the 300m Annie Jankowiak (M17) ran 43.79s. Competing in the London Inter-Club Challenge Gaith Taha threw 34.73m in the Javelin while at the Javelin Carnival in Pihtipudas, Finland, Freddie Curtis (M20) threw a superb 63.67m.