MK impress at the road relay

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Once again Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club hosted the South of England Road Relay Championships from their track at Stantonbury.

The race attracts many top athletes as the 12 men teams contest alternating “long” and “short” legs the women’s 6 stage race are all around the “short” lap.

It was not a bad day for host Milton Keynes as the Men finished 12th equalling their best ever result thanks to Leg 1 Steve Tuttle 25m 00s (13th), Leg 2 Ross Threlfall 16m51s (16th), Leg 3 Liam Smith 25m 44s (14), Leg 4 Ryan Burling , pictured right, 16m 21s (13), Leg 5 Marcin Fudalej 26m15s (13), Leg 6 Chris Hearn 16m 45s (12), Leg 7 Graham Jones 27m 02s (13), Leg 8 Samuel Deathe 17m 20s (12), Leg 9 Matt Clarke 26m 30s (12), Leg 10 Eliot Winter 17m 33s (11), Leg 11 Alexander Bowden 28m 07s (13) and Leg 12 Mark Dowson 17m 38s (12).

The B team was unfortunately two runners short with Jeremy Vick 27m 40s (41),Jonathon Peters 17m 18s (37), Stuart Ellison 30m 14s (40), Chris Youens 21m 13s (41), Josh Lyman 28m 25s (39), Gary Blaber 17m 57s(39), Marcus Whelband 30m 44s (38), Martin McPheat 21m 44s (38), Jack Comerford 33m 14s (41) and Edward Dunn 19m 54s (41).

The Club had three complete Women’s Teams with the A squad finishing a very creditable 11th thanks to Leg 1 Lara Bromilow 18m 32s (12), Leg 2 Elle Roche 18m 58s (10), Leg 3 Wendy Webber 18m 46s (5), Leg 4 Sophie Gibbens 20m 27s (6), Leg 5 Corinne Nurse 21m 33s (10) and Leg 6 Lauren Hankers 22m 57s (11).

The B Team consisted of Gemma Child 22m 55s (37), Maria Calleia 20m 59s (31), Chelsea Hunt 22m 12s (28), Julie McPheat 27m 34s (32), Kerry Adams 22m 27s (32) and Alana Slater 22m 17s (29) while the C Team had Frances Malin, pictured above, 21m 15s (29), Diane Baldwin 21m 20s (28), Melanie Wright 22m 46s (27), Karen Tincknell 24m 22s (30), Lisa Clack 23m 32s (29) and Lilli Stickley 26m 57s (31).

There was a great turnout by the younger members of the Club at the English Schools’ Cross-Country Championships at Castle Donnington.

Unsurprisingly most were representing Buckinghamshire but several other counties also had Club runners, although the four Junior Boys were all from Bucks with 185th Devon Harford 16m 13s, 192nd Harvey Green 16m 16s, 227th Jake Cox 16m 26s and 290th Jack Meijer 16m 52s out of333 finishers with the Buckinghamshire team 22nd.

The 32nd placed Junior Girls were represent by 85th Emma Mears 11m 20s and 253rd Jessica Nuttall 12m 06s with 304th Rhona Grant 12m 21s running for Northamptonshire, 343 finished.

The largest contingent was in the Intermediate Boys race with 75th Owen Seamark 20m 46s, 114th Louis Clarke 21m 08s (Middlesex), 181st Archie Rippin 21m 36s, 195th Daniel Hynes 21m 46s and 299th Charlie Wheeler 22m 45s (Nhants) with 326 finishers Bucks came 25th.

It was the Intermediate Girls with best team result of 19th with 91st Amy Radford 14m 17s and 175th Sophie Botham 14m 54s well up in the 336 finishers.

The Senior Boys had an incomplete team with 245th Michael Greener 28m 12s and 266th Harry Morton 28m 36s as 314 finished.

Finally the Senior Girls team was 23rd with 143rd Sophia Cliffe 17m 55s, 191st Sophia Hannelly 18m 30s and 215th Fern Yull 18m 41s (Nhants) as 321 finished.

Competing at Lee Valley Jack Kee won the British Masters M70 Hammer title and was runner-up in the Weight, we was also 5th in the Shot recording 42.07m, 16.06m and 9.46m respectively.