MMKAC make home advantage count

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Taking full advantage of the home track, Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club won their opening Sweatshop Southern Athletics League match at Stantonbury.

Having slipped from Division 1 last year the Club are now 4th in the Division 2 North, behind Thames Valley Harriers, Herts Phoenix and Ipswich. However it was local rivals Luton, Peterborough and Dacorum & Tring who failed to contain MMKAC as they dominated the first round.

Although it was not the best of starts for the team with the 100m resulting in 3rd places for Subomi Onanuga (M23) 11.18s and Lizzie Adam (F17) 13.51s while in the 200m there were 2nd places all round by Aaron Adom (M23) 22.86s, Taylor Cowan-Williams (M20) 24.09s, Lizzie 27.37s and Casey Hodges (F17) 27.61s.

The 400m produced 3rd for Archie Rippin (M17) 54.40s, 2nd Oli Lum (M20) 57.47s, 3rd Alana Slater (F35) 64.37s and 3rd Carly Scott 70.00s.

There was a superb double win in the 800m by Ross Threlfall 2m 00.81s and Sam Deathe 2m 01.55s with 2nd Corinne Nurse (F35) 2m 28.98s and 3rd Chelsea Hunt (F20) 2m 47.20s.

The 1500m produced the same results with wins for Chad Lambert 4m 04.71s and Liam Smith (M23) 4m 20.53s with 2nd Amy Botham (F20) 5m 32.39s and 3rd Michelle Jessop 6m 05.35s.

Graham Jones took 2nds in 5000m 16m 29.97s and 1st by Chris Hearn 16m 33.84s while in the 3000m there were 2nd places for Elle Roche (F20) 11m 00.81s and Martina Ferreira 11m 55.25s.

Ryan Burling (M23) showed his class in the steeplechase winning in 6m 28.59s while the women’s 1500m event was won by Sophie in 5m 34.17s with 2nd for Diane Baldwin (F55) 6m 58.59s.

Both squads won the 4x100m relay with the men finishing in 44.77s and the women in 52.44s but it was not quite so good in the 4x400m with the Men 2nd taking 3m 41.47s and the Women 3rd in 4m 26.77s.

However while the high jump yielded no podiums for the Men it was a great double win for the Gibbens sisters as Rachel cleared 1.66m and Sophie 1.45m. Another double victory followed in the pole vault as Rachel, pictured above, reached 3.60 with Laura Zialor (F17) 2.80m with 2nd places for Jonathan Pownall (M17) 2.80m and Ivars Licietis (M55) 2.40m.

The long jump came close to a “clean sweep” with 1st places for Louis Evling-Jones 6.45m and Subomi 6.35m while Rachel Gibbens took 2nd leaping 5.16m and Laura added another win leaping 4.87m. The triple jump saw yet another win for Laura with 11.43m and Becky Hardy 9.80m made it a fine double, the shot grabbed another three wins as Louis putt 13.04m for 1st and Mark Roberson 9.34m to take 2nd with wins also for Emma Beardmore 10.12m and Kayleigh Presswell (F20) 9.86m.

In the discus Louis took 1st 39.91m, 2nd for Mark 27.64m and Emma 33.08m with Sadie Watts 30.90m taking the win. Two more wins in the hammer came through Kayleigh 51.02m and Emma 45.41m with 2nd for Mark 46.23m and 3rd by Gaith Taha 23.29m.

The javelin resulted in 3rd places for Jonathan Pownall (M17) throwing 46.68m and Gaith 35.12m with 2nd for Sadie 34.12m and Kayleigh 27.36m rounded of a super day with a win.