Redway’s Ben leads the way home in half

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Ben Fairhill picked up a silver medal at the Milton Keynes Half Marathon on Sunday.

The Redway Runner was joined by 166 others in green to take on the event, completing the race in 1hr11m31s.

Ben’s wife Philippa also ran a personal best of 2h5m8s.

First Redway Runner lady home was Camilla Meakins in a very impressive 1.29.56. At the other end of the running scale 17 of the clubs “Zero to Hero” Group took a massive step towards their first marathon in May 2016 by doing their first ever half marathon.

Also competing for the first time: Stephanie Dutton, Danny Welford, Bill Collins, Sam Barry, Annette Wadsworth, Bali Turner, Natalie Smart, Wendy McConnell, Layla Morrison, Amanda Holland, Darren Klein, Aimee Purnell-Willett, Constance Hobbs and Paul Cobbet, Sarah Woodruff, Ashley Flanagan and Glynis Wiles for completing this major milestone.

Personal bests were recorded by many Redway Runners, including Helen Whalley, Sarah Lawrence, Paul Hull, Sam Bates, Elaine Wells, Suzanne Sharp, Helen Wiggins, Sharon Vallance-Kirby, Pet Hedges, Jo Crisp, Paul Newton, Adam Sharman, Nicole Clarke, Lindsay O’Kane, Amanda Clark, Simon Read, Paul Mizon, Steve Burlace, Hannah Watkins Connelly, Warwick Payne and mother and son Ali and Nathan Rutherford.