Trophy triumph for MMKAC

Fern Yull
Fern Yull

The Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club Under 17 Women won the team trophy at the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Championships in Bracknell.

Led home by 5th placed Amy Radford in 26m 04s with 6th Izzy Thornton-Bott 26m 41s, 10th Sophia Hannelly 27m 47s and 14th Amy Botham 28m 52s.

Michael Glowaki

Michael Glowaki

Both the Under 15 Boys and Under 17 Men narrowly missed out on medals as they finished 4th with the M15 squad finishing in tight formation headed by 11th Jacob Tresham 16m 20s chased closely by 12th Dominic Murphy 16m 25s and 13th Harvey Green 16m 27s.

For the M17 team it was 6th placed Owen Seamark 22m 12s first back with 10th Archie Rippin 22m 45s, 17th Harry Morton 23m 53s, 26th Nathan Nurse 25m 11s and 28th Toby Herdman-Smith 25m 19s. The Under 13 Girls finished 15th with 37th Amber Harman 14m 34s, 51st Rosie Merrin 15m 16s and 58th Libby Herdman-Smith 16m 01s. Only 31st Aaron Wooton 13m 34s competed for the Under 13 Boys while the Under 15 Girls did little better with only 14th Sophie Botham 18m 16s and 23rd Natalie Nurse 18m 58s.

Two hundred and ninety seven competitors completed the Club’s annual Wolverton 5 race with race winners Ian Kimpton (Lincoln Wellington) 23m 49s and Gill Fullen (F 45 Bedford Harriers) 29m 17s were both well clear of their opposition.

This the 49th running of the race which for safety reasons moved several years ago to Willen Lake still proves very popular mainly thanks to dedicated race organisers Jackson Ryan and Brian Graves and their team of volunteers to whom all runners are grateful. Leading the Club’s large contingent home in 10th place was Michal Glowacki completing the two lap course in 26m 25s.

Two places and fourteen seconds behind was Liam Smith and just a bit further back was 14th Ryan Burling (3rd M20) taking 26m 49s. In 18th was Matthew Clarke 27m 18s, 19th Ross Threlfall 27m 24s, 24th Mark Palser 27m 46s, 28th Chris Hearn 27m 58s, 31st Graham Jones 28m 16s, 38th Gary Blaber (3rd M40) 28m 46s, 44th Jonathan Peters 29m 05s, 46th Jeremy Vick 29m 07s, 54th Luke Elton (M20) 29m 36s, 56th Stuart Ellison 29m 40s, 58th Ian Lamb (M50) 29m 41s, 60th John Skelton (1st M60) in a Club Record time of 29m 50s, 62nd Josh Lyman 30m 02s, 65th Mark Likeman 30m 04s, 68th Marcus Whelband (M40) 30m 17s, 73rd Sam Deathe 30m 34s, 80th Malcolm Down (M50) 31m 02s, 81st Mike Kerrigan (M40) 31m 01s, 83rd Daniel Brumby 31m 04s, 95th Carl Reynolds (M40) 31m 47s, 116th Mervyn Phillips (M55) 32m 52s, 119th Neil Jones 32m 57s, 122nd Fern Yull (2nd F20) 33m 12s, 123rd Geoff New (M45) 33m 09s, 126th Jack Comerford 33m 27s, 132nd Nick Washington 33m 42s, 138th Sam Daniells 34m 03s, 139th Paul Mason (M60) 34m 10s, 142nd Julie Dalzell (F45) 34m 19s, 144th John Hamilton (M60) 34m 33s, 147th Fran Malin (F45) 34m 34s, 148th Sam Oram-Jones (M20) 34m 42s, 170th Mark Childs (M45) 35m 57s, 177th Jason Carvalho 36m 09s, 191st Keith Cook (2nd M65) 37m 16s, 204th Jim Miller (M60) 37m 54s, 211th Mel Wright 38m 34s, 226th Ed Hill 39m 44s, 259th Rita Olatunde (F45) 43m 38s, 274th Jim Lawrence (M55) 45m 52s and 295th Milford Callow (3rd M70) 55m 04s.

A good run by Chad Lambert at the European Cross Country Trials in Liverpool saw him take 61st place with a time of 31m 12s.

For those who enjoy the weekly Park Runs it may be of interest that they are now appearing all over the world as Club Chair Mick Bromilow discovered at the New Farm Park Run (5km) in Brisbane, Australia although he was beaten by daughter Tanya (136th) 26m 15s, wife Fi Han (F60 211th) 29m 55s with Mick (M60 251st) 32m 19s.