Badminton coach gets awards nomination


Herman Fung, Head Coach of Loughton Lodgers Badminton Club, has been nominated for the 2017 Disability Coach of the Year.

Fung, who regularly supports Badminton England with his coaching skills, has helped to develop Badminton in Milton Keynes for many years.

The last 12 months has seen Fung establish four new school satellite clubs for young people from socially deprived areas as well as those with physical impairments and learning disabilities.

Membership status has grown to over 100 youth players and considerable further growth is expected next year.

At the same time, he is putting in the hours to mentor young coaches across his club to help them achieve coaching qualifications and create a strong workforce.

On top of his work at grassroots level, the popular badminton coach is helping young people to realise their potential and has recently seen one of his players from a wheelchair satellite club win a gold medal in a recent Four Nations competition.

Fung said: “This is absolutely an honourable opportunity for me to be shortlisted as a finalist in such a prestigious award.

“From national para-badminton players to children in special schools, I have witnessed so much hard work, endurance, sweat and tears in overcoming physical and psychological hurdles.

“It is actually all their hard work, sweat and tears that have brought me this opportunity, so I can only humbly state my heartfelt thanks to all of them.

“If I win the award I will use the opportunity to promote disability badminton throughout the country.”