Big stillwater catches eclipse end of river-season chub flurry

With the clock ticking down to Tuesday's running water season's end most eyes were on the rivers '“ but it was local STILLWATERS throwing up the real surprises!

Wednesday, 15th March 2017, 5:17 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:49 am
MK Piker

Furzton, not having yielded a reported carp over the mid-20s for years, suddenly produced a 33-6 mirror to Robert Bara shortly after dark on Wednesday.

Only a couple of pounds short of the water's recorded best, banked a decade back, the 'unknown' fish has had the facebook worriers in a spin of disbelief ever since!

It fell to a 'special' liver flavour boilie sourced from Hungary, a country where Robert – whose enthusiasm for all-things angling is infectious – has had carp to 46lb in the past.

Neil Richardson

AND on Saturday, all-round ace Neil Richardson made an incredible Tear Drops catch...only hours after a mate had predicted that he wouldn't 'bag up' there. Just how wrong could that man get?

Realising the 'Drops had been little fished of late, Neil decided the bream ought to be feeding and, alternating pole and feeder, he bagged 17 bream to 4lb, a bonus tench and a few pounds of small roach – for a mind-boggling catch estimated at around 120lb...and lost a good carp following a 20 minute battle!

THE rivers did their end-of-season stuff, too, with the hoped-for flurry of good chub. MK Piker had a new 7-2 PB from MKAA's Ouse while, among others, Malcolm Sharp had a 6-3 and Den Reid a 5-6. Wandering the Ouzel Gary Maton had 10 to 5-12, Mike Sando a 5-3...and myself very little.

A CLUTCH of 2lb+ perch were landed from Olney's Ouse, with Nick Mynard getting a 3-6.

Neil Richardson

MKAA Grand Slam winner Don King included a 6-10 Brush Mill chub in his 23-3 as Kevin Osborne had three slabs in his 13-6 with Paul Chapman on 8-7 of roach.

ALDERS Sunday open: Matt Grant 106lb (inc barbel to 6-12), Trevor Price 96lb, Jack Jones 95-7.

OSPREY, Lakeside: Kevin Walker 52lb, Pete Carter 42lb and Mark Carter 41lb.

KEMPSTON Ouse open: Terry Noble 31-6 (inc a 6-6 chub & two 6-4s), Mick Burrell 18-2 (15 chub), Paul Caton 17-10.

NENE/Towcester, Bugbrooke canal: John Balhatchett 12-6, Les Ramsden 6-3, Chris Howard 6-2.

CALVERT, Itters Pit: Dave Lewis 11-1, John Weatherall 4-11, Barry Witteridge 3-4.

TOWCESTER Vets, Heyford canal: Tosh Saunders 7-2, Graham Martin 6-8, Brian Aycliff 6-8.

FIXTURES: March 24/25/26, Furzton closed for angling festival.