Bletchley FC's bold stadium dream

South Midlands Side want Conference football

Bletchley Town Football Club has big ideas for the future and this week unveiled its ambitious new plans to take the club to the brink of the Football League.

The club's bold dream hinges on a 1.7million renovation project of Manor Fields which includes a 2,600 capacity playing arena, floodlights, an indoor dome and an attached hospitality area.

Bob Hewer, project co-ordinator and fundraiser for the South Midlands League club, said: "This should enable the club to have a team playing at a decent level of football and maybe one day we can reach the Conference of even beyond."

Mr Hewer, also a club coach at Bletchley, said that plans had been born out of what he perceived as Bletchley being neglected in favour of central Milton Keynes.

"This is something for the people of Bletchley to be proud of, a focal point for the community to come together and focus on," he added.

The club's masterplan has six phases, and with support from Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council, has already raised enough to complete the first phase - 18.000.

That amount will cover pitch resurfacing, dugouts, crowd barriers, pitch markings, corner flags, goalposts and nets. The next phase, once funding has been achieved, is to buy floodlights.

The proposed arena will have 800 seats on two sides of the ground and standing space on the other two sides.

Along with Bletchley Town, the project is being supported by the MK Irish Centre and Bletchley Colts Youth Football Club.

"The sky really is the limit for us," added Mr Hewer. "This is a real community project and we're open to anyone with more ideas for fundraising events."