Hamza Mehmood doubles up in Eindhoven Box Cup

Boxing star Hamza Mehmood added the Eindhoven Box Cup to his ever-growing list of achievements.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 10:38 am
Updated Thursday, 18th October 2018, 10:35 am
Hamza Mehmood

Hamza Mehmood 19 became an Elite national champion last year at his first attempt and last weekend made the amateur boxing world take notice of his intentions with a brilliant masterful performance over three days, claiming the gold medal and declared Best Boxer in the tournament at the Eindhoven Box Cup in Holland.

Hamza began his campaign in the U52 Flyweight category against German National Champion Tarik Ibrahim. Always a slow starter, Hamza took a few minutes to find his rhythm and range before producing sublime hand speed catching the advancing German boxer repeatedly with Back hands forcing Ibrahim to hold on. Sensing victory Hamza eased off in the final round as his toughest challenge awaited him in the semi finals.

Damdindurj Munkh Erdene , The current hard hitting Mongolian Champion with a superior win ratio of contests stood between Hamza and his place in the final. On this occasion The Hoddesdon boxer started fast probing and poking the jab at range before unleashing clusters of 3/4 punches. The crowd were beginning to warm to Hamza’s style of boxing and interest certainly grew from the admiring spectators. Mehmood’s footwork and delivery of punches left flat footed and off the pace and what looked like a comprehensive win came back as a 4-1 judges points win to see Hamza Into the final.

Hamza Mehmood

With the news that Hamza was in contention for boxer of the tournament a gold medal performance was what was required but in his way was another Mongolia. Was Not Only a Rio Olympian But also the current APB World Ranked Number one in the world.

The stage was set for a final between and compared to a car and mouse or a bull to a rag. Mungun Erdene Gandulan The Strong orthodox Mongolian with over 200 contests in experience facing the fleet and nimble footed English Champion in only his 45 Contest.

The neutral crowd were in for a treat as Mungun backed Hamza on to the ropes and before throwing any telling punch was met with fast salvos and change of angles leaving the Mongolian punching fresh air. The crowed loved the intense chess match that was unfolding and as the Mongolian connected, Hamza would have the last of the exchanges prompting shouts of "ole" from the crowd.

Mungun Was not liking this and started faster and with purpose. Bulldozing forward and penetrating Hamza’s defence with jabs and hooks. Mehmood was unfazed and would stay in the pocket , tucking up with his elbows and throwing bent up combinations to body and head backing the Mongolian into the ropes to finish the stronger of the two and the end of the second round.

Hamza with his gold medal

The third was fast and frantic but Mehmood just oozed confidence. Taking everything on his arms before firing back and beginning to enjoy himself. At the bell the formality became reality as a 4-1 decision in favour of Hamza, inflicting a defeat to the worlds number 1 was up there as one of the best results ever produced by the club.

Hamza’s cousin Faraz Abid won his quarter final contest against 2 Time Belgian Champion Tarek Harmate before succumbing to a poor decision against Czech National Champion Artur Szachbazian. A boxer with over 175 contests.

Faraz produced an eye catching performance and no one could understand the decision against him. He had his opponent in trouble in rounds 2 and 3 but the decision was surprisingly split and and even more so 3-2 against Faraz.

Klinton Baptiste Took the fight to the Dutch Number 1 Boxer Rick d’Noojer at light heavyweight. It was a tall order from the off but Klinton worked well off the jab and produced the cleaner of the exchanges however the experienced Dutch boxer made good use of his height and reach and boxed well enough at range to sneak a close decision home.