Busy year ends on a high for Sensai Geoff Aldridge

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It has been a hectic end to 2015 for Sensai Geoff Aldridge.

The Head Coach at ECKA Bletchley Dragons Karate and Kickboxing club became hampion in the ECKA Light Continuous National Championships, his fifth title with the ECKA.

He followed this up with a trip to Dublin, Ireland to take part as a Great Britain official for WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) at the week-long World Championships, where he was awarded the much coveted Gold International Referee Licence, at “B” Class.

He was also nominated and awarded a lifetime achievement for his commitment to martial arts, by the well-known magazine - Martial Arts Illustrated, for the second year in a row.

Sensei Geoff has been training in martial arts for nearly 30 years and runs a ‘family-centric’ club at the Coronation Hall, Bletchley.

The passion Sensei Geoff has for the martial arts is clear to his students and contemporaries alike.

He has inspired many students to achieve beyond their goals and dreams.

To date, he has had 19 of his students achieve an ECKA Black Belt. The most recent student to achieve this is Dylan Gannaway (now aged 12) who started training with the club when he was six-years-old.

Sensei Geoff has also instructed many of his students to 2nd and 3rd Degree black belt.

If you’re interested in taking up martial arts, visit www.bletchleydragons.co.uk or visit them on Facebook.