Chapman catches Angler of the Year prize

Hats off to MK Super-vet Paul Chapman '“ who has just won his way through to the high-profile Garbolino Club Angler of the Year finals.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:28 am
A 12-4 bream for Roy Crigliano

That gives him a tilt at a decent pay-out plus a top-of-the-line Garbolino pole, the latter worth a few grand on its own!

Paul won through by topping his lake at Tunnel Farm with 74-5 of mainly F1s. Not so lucky this time was Ernie Sattler who travelled with Paul, drew on the same lake, and finished third...when only the top two went through. The final is set for Barston. Good luck Paul.

ROY Crigliano had a prize of his own, ending a long-running quest for a double figure bream by landing a Bradwell Lake 12-4. Happy lad.

LEON Butcher's Furzton 'exotic'

ELSEWHERE, Harry Burr had a PB 28lb Furzton mirror while Kelvin Rickhuss-Moore had a 22-2. And Leon Butcher netted two big doubles – one a beautiful 'exotic' – within just 15 minutes of starting a stalking session.

Bailiff Joanne Ridgeway had a nice 7lb common on Ashlands, and colleague Gary weeks' catch included a tench of around 1-8...a bit of a surprise as only carp have been officially stocked to date.

On his first trip of the year Mark Tearney banked a low Newport pits double.

UNUSUAL? John Hewison has landed a 20-8 grass carp, on the pole, in a local match.

WORD is about that the occasional lump is being caught from Caldecotte.

ALDERS: Lee Newson 264lb, Charlie Lancaster 230lb, Matt Kearns 179lb.

OSPREY, Decoy: Andy Carter 69-12, Tony McGregor 69lb, Peter Carter 60lb.

CALVERT v Brackley, St James's Lake: a win for Calvert as they filled the top three; James Lewis 19-6, Ben Holdaway 18-7, Les Smith 18-6.

TOWCESTER, Silverlake: Mick Goodridge 14-6 (bream), Bob Eales 4-4, John Balhatchett 3-4. Club Vets, Barby Banks: George Mynard 37-10, Tosh Saunders 37lb, Balhatchett 33-4.

MK Vets, Furzton: Bruce Harvey 8-12, Mike Jarvis 1-11, Kevin Osborne 0-10 – 19 failed to weigh...

LINFORD, Brickyard canal: Mick Hefferon 4-14, Pete Whatley 3-10, Ron Dorrill 3-7.

FIXTURES: Sunday, MK canal league Simpson/Bowlers Bridge; May 26, MK individual league opener, Furzton, 01234 713144.

Millie Grace Memorial charity fest, Linford Lakes, June 22-24, get in quick: 35 booked and only seven places left. See Mark Grace's facebook page.