City darts twins are double tops

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TWIN sisters Felicia Blay Sherrock and Fallon Sherrock will make darts history when they represent England Youth at the WDF Europe Cup Youth in Aberdeen this weekend.

The duo, who play for Bedfordshire Darts Organisation and turned 17 at the weekend, have been placed in the girls singles round robin stage, in which the top two advance to the knockout stages.

Fallon will take on Aybuke Nisa Parlak from Turkey and Sweden’s Sarah Rosen, while Felicia is up against Naomi Bracke from Belgium and Turkish player Ilayda Gozde.

The girls will also join forces in Group One of the girls paired round robin event too, and mum Sue said: “It’s a very big privilege to be picked for England and it’s very exciting.”

It’s been quite a rise for the Milton Keynes sisters who haven’t been playing the sport for too long, but with Sue a keen competitor for the past 17 years, darts always ran in the family.

She continued: “It’s so strange. Fliss has always been interested and when she turned 14 she got a place in the county side. That was very young to get a main place.

“Fallon never was very interested, but she decided she wanted to be and just suddenly progressed into an awesome player.

“You have got to have a natural talent for it. They won the Bedfordshire pairs two seasons on the trot against main county players, so I think they’re going to do really well.”

Fallon, whose top finish is 170 and Felicia, whose top finish is 164, could also represent the main England side in the World Cup to be held in Ireland at the end of August – if they perform well this week.

Leading darts lady Trina Gulliver should be in attendance at the event – a player Sue is hoping one of her girls can emulate in the future.

She said: “One of them could be picked to be in the World Cup at the end of August as there’s one boy and one girl picked from the current England youth team.

“They would be playing with the main England squad, and Martin Adams as well, so I’m hoping we have the next Trina here!”