Club runners do themselves proud at the London Marathon

Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson

Conditions were as close to perfect as they could be in the capital as thousands packed the streets for the London Marathon.

Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club a big field of runners competing in the race, with five breaking the magical three hour barrier.

First home in a superb 209th place was Daniel Webber in 2h40m37s. Also on a good even pace was 312th Michael Kerrigan (M40) (2h43m45s) as did 646th Steve Green crossing the line in 2h51m31s.

In 818th Matt Clarke set off a bit too fast but finished in 2h54m19s, while in 989th was Wendy Webber (33rd F35) who finished in 2h56m34s.

Frustratingly 1438th placed Gary Blaber (M40) missed the three hour mark by just 37 seconds crossing the line in 3h00m36s.

There was a fine run for 1500th placed Martin Erasmus (M50) taking 3h1m19s followed by 1829th Andrew Stiles (M50) 3h05m23s, 2631st Andrew Wasdell (M40) 3h 12m 55s, 3478th Richard Harrison (M55) 3h19m44s, 5300th Geoff New (M45) 3h31m20s, 5526th Katie Penrose (F35) 3h 2m44s, 8801st Neil Jones 3h49m14s, 8910th Julie Dalzell (F45) 3h49m39s, 9562nd Karen Tincknell (F35) 3h52m17s, 10960th Chris Worton (M45)3h57m14s and 
15598th Jason Carvalho 4h16m39s.

Two runners from Shenley Striders came in well below the four hour mark too, with Alan Neill coming 4962nd with 3h29m31s and Paul Hansen coming in 11506th in 3h58m59.

Chris Brookman was the standout performer for MK Lakeside Runners as he crossed the line in 2h53m02s to come 725th overall. Dionne Whelan was 231rd woman across the line in 3h13m39s, and Andy Gower was 11344th in 3h58m27. Julia Kennedy (26917th) and Dave Lewis (26919th) crossed the line together in 5h07m16.

David Lloyd Redway Runners were celebrating a superb performance from Stephen Richardson after he completed the course in 2h45m49s to come home 394th.

He was followed in by 1566th William Shippin 3h2m10s, 1716th Andy Gardner 3h4m16s, 1779th Stephen Pacey 3h4m53s, 5300th Geoff New 3h31m20s, 5439th Emma Lee 3h32m10s, 6335th Marcus Knee 3h37m44s, 6693th Marnie Byles 3h39m33s, 7789th Jennifer Sangster 3h44m49s, 7960th Gary Griggs 3h45m34s, 8377th Stephen Durham 3h47m22, 8801st Neil Jones 3h49m14s, 8910th Julia Dalzell 3h49m39s, 12253rd Emma Davies 4h2m3s, 12971st Nicola Double 4h5m20s, 13390th Oliver Creighton 4h7m18s, 14511st Kassia Gardner 4h12m5s, 14571st Tina McGreal 4h12m21s, 15274th Gary Howard 4h15m15s, 15390th Dawn Blaber (4h15m46s), 15598th Jason Carvalho 4h16m39s, 17819th Adam Sharman 4h25m24s, 19992nd Tim Giffen 4h34m28s, 22013rd Andy Worth 4h43m35, 22325th Leigh Steere 4h44m55s, 24566th Richard Dodds 4h54m54, 25022nd Neil Solanki 4h56m52s, 28999th Miriam Averna (5h20m25), 29080th Vanessa Stride 5h20m59s, 29083th Karen Bugaj (5h20m59s), 31051st Nicola Church 5h36m36s, 31878th Juliet Thompson 5h44m43s and 35512th Natasha Rowell 7h14m27.