Injury marrs cyclist Steve’s record effort

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Cyclist Steve Abraham’s has refocused his attention on next year after a broken ankle rules out his record attempts in 2015.

The North Bucks Road Club man set his sights on breaking Tommy Gladwin’s record from 1939 of riding 75,065 miles in a calendar year - amounting to an average of 205 miles per day.

But disaster struck when he was nearing the 15,000 mile mark, he was hit by a moped in Somerset and threatened to derail his attempts.

But determined to continue his record attempt, Steve was soon riding around the National Bowl, albeit one legged in an adapted trike as he hoped to make up for the lost milage.

But his recovery was proving slower than he hoped though.

In July, he was given special dispensation by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association to begin his attempt again, running from August 8.

Having racked up miles in the last few months, Steve’s total for 2015 will come up short of the 75,000 mile target.

But with more than 22,000 under his belt since August, he is well on his way towards beating Gladwin’s record by 2016.

You can follow Steve’s progress on his website: