Debbie and Sheila conquer a marathon challenge in 10 days

Debbie and SheilaDebbie and Sheila
Debbie and Sheila
Two brave women have completed the remarkable challenge of running 10 marathons in 10 days.

Debbie Coolman and Sheila Rose took on the challenge for charities - Many Tears Animal Rescue, Age UK and Barnardo’s - and have raised in excess of £3,000.

Both are members of Lakeside Runners and decided to take on the challenge for good causes.

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And after 10 days of gruelling running, the pair completed their 262 mile journey on Sunday.

“I went into these 10 days with some trepidation it has to be said,” admitted Debbie afterwards.

“Would I be up to the challenge and would my body hold out? The challenge of sorting out my hydration and nutrition, the challenge of the terrain and navigation.

“It has been tough but I have loved every single day.

“When I first thought about joining a running club about nine years ago just to get a bit fit and hopefully make some friends having moved to Milton Keynes.

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“I never imagined for one minute that running would give me some of the most special times in my life and that I would meet so many inspirational people.”

>> You can donate to both runners - simply search for them at