Dons squad is 'complete' with Healey signing

Paul Tisdale may not sign another player before the transfer window closes, and he is content with what he has.

Saturday, 20th July 2019, 1:10 am
Paul Tisdale and Rhys Healey

Rhys Healey's signature on an MK Dons contract last week was a result of eight months of work to get the deal over the line, but is one that has allowed Tisdale to relax a bit before the transfer window closes in a couple of weeks.

With seven players added to his squad over the summer, the manager says he is not desperate to add anyone else to the mix.

"In terms of how we see it at the moment, we feel pretty complete in terms of balance, motivation and we're ready for purpose," he said. "But you never really know until the start of the season and you see how we're playing. But we're not out there desperate to sign players.

"We've got most of the corners of the team filled, there is competition for places, and the balance is good.

"We've not held a lot of money back – I've been in a good position where the squad was secured before this point of the year, so we've been able to make signings which enhance our squad.

"You never know what is around the corner and what might pop up. I'm not just going to spend money for the sake of it. I've near-enough spend the budget, but we may have a player that gets an offer and goes out. But I don't want that. The recruitment department always need to be on their toes."

On the signing of Healey, Tisdale added: "We were trying it in December, then in January too. We've been waiting, it has taken us four or five weeks with Cardiff, but the deal has been done. Thank you to Neil Warnock for being reasonable and respectful to us. Now we have a player hugely motivated, he knows us, we know him and he's raring to go."