Duo inducted into the Hall of Fame

Peter Mogridge and Ty McCormack
Peter Mogridge and Ty McCormack

Two veterans of the Milton Keynes martial arts world have been recognised and inducted into Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame.

Tyrone McCormack and Peter Mogridge are now up alongside names like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on the Wall of Fame for their roles in the sport.

Tyrone runs Guardian Academy in Bradwell Abbey and was inducted for his contributions as a fighter, and said he is humbled to be inducted by his piers.

“It’s the OBE of martial arts,” he said.

“It is recognition of 30 years in the industry, and all I’ve put into the martial arts world.

“I received the letter through the door, but I thought it was a bill until I opened it!

“I fought for world titles, I’ve fought for England. It’s a great achievement.

“If you go to the Hall of Fame, you see names like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, all the greats.

“And now my name is up there too, and they can’t get rid of me!”

While he still fights, he has turned his focus to training young people at Guardian.

He said: “I’ve trained all sorts of people,and it’s something I love doing.

“It’s great, because you train people up and make a difference in people’s lives.

“I do it for the love of it, but people tell me I’ve changed their lives and that’s always nice to hear.”

Peter’s inclusion is his fifth Hall of Fame induction in the last 12 months for his role in training people in the art of Wing Chun.

He said: “This is my fifth Hall of Fame since last year. It’s always an honour, and this time especially standing next to Tyrone, who is a master of his art too.

“My aim next is to open my own academy and get more young kids off the streets and involved in martial arts, and give them something to do.

“Growing up, I used to train with a load of guys from Bristol, and I trained with eight world champions, so I’ve been around that calibre of fighter my whole life.

“I come from a sport fighting background, and after being in martial arts for 40 years, it’s a great achievement.

“I was also awarded the Master of Martial Arts by a panel from the Worldwide Martial Arts Council

“I got it in Atlantic City so it’s another big award. To be recognised in the world is another huge honour.

“It sets a precedence for the guys I train so show how far they can go.

“I want to keep going, keep training young people and trying to promote the arts.

“Don’t think of it as fighting, think of it as learning to fight so you don’t have to.

“That’s what I promote all the time.”