Egedi hopes to be a slam-dunk success in Spain

Sam Egedi is bound for Alicante and his first professional basketball season, but he has his eyes on promotion in his first season.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 5:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:16 am
Sam Egedi

The 23-year-old from Tattenhoe was briefly back in Milton Keynes after four years playing college basketball in America before heading out to pre-season training with his new club CB Terra Alfas in Spain.

It will be no walk in the park though. The Spanish basketball leagues are seen as the second best in the world behind the States, and Egedi believes he will grow as a player as he plys his trade there.

“I feel like I’ll grow, get into higher leagues and it will a very good start for me,” he said. “Spain has pretty much the second biggest league beneath the NBA. In every league, it’s so competitive.

“It attracts a lot of talented players, and I’ll be tested, that’s for sure. But I want to go out there and improve.

“The team is a great organisation to be a part of.”

His time over the Atlantic culminated in a championship ring at St Louis, where he helped his side to the AMC Championship, just missing out on the national crown.

And with his experience of the vast American game, Egedi believes he is in good stead to succeed in Spain.

Sam Egedi

He said: “(Winning the conference) was a big accomplishment.

“I didn’t get a championship ring in any of my three years, so I in my final year, I said I wanted to win a championship and that’s what I did.

“College sports are ridiculous, from the coverage it gets to the crowds. It’s like a professional sport out there. It’s a really different experience, from the media to how people look at it.

“Our main goal which was to win the national championship but we won the conference and I should be getting my ring in October!”

Sam Egedi