Engine failure costs Turney the podium

A technical problem cruelly robbed Joe Turney of a podium finish in his first race overseas.

Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 6:00 am

Crossing into Europe to race in Genk, Belgium, Turney was competing in the BNL Karting Championship, and it was something of a baptism of fire.

The weekend comprised of two separate race days with qualifying, final one and final two each day and cumulative points deciding the overall winners.

Showing impressive racecraft Turney was immediately on the pace of the other 32 top European racers, who had raced at the circuit before.

Qualifying was tough for Turney to take, but it was incredibly close, He finished a disappointing 12th but was just one tenth of a second off third place.

But when the flag dropped to start the race, Turney put in a display of quality racing, crossing the line fourth in his first final giving him grid four for final two and every prospect of a win.

Rolling out on his formation lap for final two disaster happened, the motor died and he was forced to watch on as the race he should have been in commenced.

The second day he did the same again coming fourth in final one but this time with everything thoroughly checked he made the second final and crossed the line second.

The loss of the final on Saturday was costly, had he won he would have won the event, had he finished where he started he would have been on the podium.

There are two more races in the series, one in Ostricourt and then back to Genk.

Finances are a major issue but if it can be financed then he will be there flying the flag for the UK drivers.

The regulations allow him to ‘drop’ two finals over the three round six day event so he still has the chance to win the series which if he does gives him a ticket to the World Finals in Dubai.