Experience is key at Henley

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Crews from MK Rowing Club were once again mixing among the elite of the rowing community when they entered four crews in to the Upper Thames Head Race.

The event was dominated by windy conditions which saw even the strongest crews struggling against the stream.

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The choppy waters were far from ideal for the racing boats and there was a sense of survival among some crews.

Louise Rivett who was in the stroke seat of the women’s coxed four said: “It is always such an exciting experience to race in Henley but today was tinged with considerable anxiety because of the weather conditions.

“We all felt exhausted by the end of the race and we felt as if the finish line would never come, but we were pleased with how we had done.”

The men’s squad which has been gaining strength over the past season put in strong performances in both Intermediate 3 and Intermediate 2.

The race, which was the first head race of the new season, gave them some tough competition from some of the most established clubs.

The crew consisting of Kevin Lilla, Tom Hopkins, James Pototski and Chris Wilson, coxed by Steve Lawson in the first race and Callum Holland in the second, were placed fifth and sixth in each race respectively.

Last to race were the crew of the men’s quadruple scull with veteran rowers Rob Heywood and Steve Lawson being joined by newcomers Mike Arding and Rod Bennett. The crew were beaten by a crew from Ardingly.