Chelsea game to help fund striker search

While the visit of Chelsea will bring the glitz and glamour of the FA Cup to stadium:mk this Sunday, it will also bring extra cash to help Dons in the transfer window.

The club look set to bank ‘hundreds of thousands’ from the game, according to Executive Director Andy Cullen, with around 28.000 tickets selling out within four days of going on sale.

And with the game being televised, Dons will take in even more from the event.

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Having swept the decks of five players during the January transfer window, Dons’ most obvious short-coming this season has been in front of goal, and the January transfer window opening has given them the opportunity to strengthen.

But with strikers coming at a premium, Mr Cullen says some of the cash from the Chelsea game will be made available to help Karl Robinson’s chances of attracting top talent to the club.

“It’s a huge game for us,” he said.

“It’s a significant windfall. It would be around a few hundred thousand.

Supporters understand where we are. We’re budgeted to lose around £2 million this season, so this game will help eat into that a bit.

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“But equally, we budgeted for it so it will give us room over the next week in the transfer window and when the emergency loan window opens.

“We’ve all been busy looking at the Chelsea game, but we’ve been talking to clubs, agents and players to plug the gaps. This will give us flexibility to do that.

“We need to improve the football team, and we want regulars in the team.

“We want a striker, but they don’t come cheap. If they’re scoring, it’ll command a significant fee.

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“We need a number of things to happen. We need to identify the ones who fit the system who can hit the ground running, an agent and club willing to do business and most imporantly the player wanting to come here, whether it be permanently or on loan, and ready for a big scrap until the end of the season.

“The more we can improve the team, the better chance we have of retain in Championship status.

“Chelsea is a nice diversion, but our success will be determined on whether we can stay up.”