Defensive injury crisis not an excuse for Cheltenham defeat, says Tisdale

Paul Tisdale demanded more from his players after the defeat at Cheltenham on Boxing Day.

Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 5:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:55 am
Paul Tisdale

Jordan Houghton was once again playing out of position in defence, while Conor McGrandles struggled at right back in the 3-1 defeat. But with Joe Walsh and Jordan Moore-Taylor still not training, and the transfer window not open for another week, Tisdale is left short on numbers in his backline.

However, Tisdale refused to use his defensive crisis as an excuse.

“We are having players out of position which isn’t helping but that’s not an excuse because I think we’re good enough.

“Nothing can happen yet – we’re not in the window. But we’ve got players who are not in training yet. It is providing challenges, but I maintain we’re good enough. But we have to do better.

“We’re not going to get it all our way, the opposition will always want to win, and we have to find ways to beat them.”

Whiel there were defeats for both Lincoln and Colchester too, taking the string out of the defeat, Tisdale was not interested in results around him.

He added: “It’s irrelevant. We have 46 games this season, and it will be judged on where we finish. It’s important we gain points or take advantage.

“We wanted three points, but well done to Cheltenham. But I felt we had a draw in us. A defeat in a game we wanted to win. I didn't think we were quite good enough today. It's very easy to judge the players on how hard they try – I didn't see a lack of will or effort – we just didn't have a good day."