Dons deserved to lose - Tisdale

Paul Tisdale
Paul Tisdale

Though they could have nicked an unlikely point deep into stoppage time, MK Dons manager Paul Tisdale said his side were deserving of a defeat against Accrington Stanley on Saturday.

Despite leading at half time through Kieran Agard's first goal of the season, Accrington played the much better football at the Wham Stadium. The second half saw the home side flip the game on it's head with goals from Colby Bishop and Mark Hughes putting Stanley in front on the hour. It could have been curtains for Dons four minutes later but Lee Nicholls denied Bishop from the penalty spot.

Unable to get any momentum in the game, and beaten to everything by a desperate Accrington side who, until full time, had just a point to their name all season.

Dons could have snatched a point at the death though, when Rhys Healey poked home what he thought was the equaliser deep in stoppage time. However, an offside flag chalked it off, though Sam Nombe, who is adjudged to have touched it en route to Healey, may not have got anything on the ball through.

Paul Tisdale said though his side got what they deserved.

"In the grand scheme of things, we didn't deserve to win the game, and it would have been fortunate to get that goal," he said.

"Rhys Healey was given offside because Sam Nombe got a touch, but we don't think there was a touch. The linesman made the decision, he was a long way from it, but he put his flag up.

"If we look at the game as a whole, the referee had a lot to do, but largely made good decisions. I cannot argue with a lot of them. We didn't deserve the goal at the end, that being said but I think it may have been an error.

"Whereas last week I was bemused, I'm just disappointed today. It was so far away from what I'd expected and hoped for, and explained and directed and encouraged. We need to do a lot better.