Dons season ticket holders will be able to stream games at Stadium MK

Sky Sports and the EFL are set to ensure supporters don’t miss any of the EFL action when the season returns next month

MK Dons supporters might not be able to watch football in person at Stadium MK for the foreseeable future, but the EFL have made moved to ensure they can still watch home games.

Sky Sports and the EFL have agreed a flexible framework to allow supporters to watch games via an online stream while access to stadia remain restricted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The broadcaster has exclusive rights to show 130 EFL matches live during the season, but while the doors remain closed to fans, they will eb able to watch all their club's games for £10.

Season ticket holders will be able to watch Dons' home games until Stadium MK opens to the public again.

Dons striker Carlton Morris said: "The fans have been massive, especially in that stadium. I'm dreading the feeling of having to play league and cup games without them in there, they bring such a massive boost to us and made all the difference to me. I don't know when they will be allowed back but that will be a big boost for me when they're allowed.

"You get used to having fans there and you expect it, so when they're not there it's a shock to the system. I'll definitely be paying attention to the news of when they can come back and I hope it's sooner rather than later."

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EFL Chief Executive David Baldwin said: “There is no argument that attending live matches is what the League, its Clubs and fans want to see and, clearly, the overriding objective is to get supporters back into stadiums as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, this framework allows our Clubs, if they so wish, to reward their most loyal supporters by providing what we hope is only short-term access to watch their matches.

“It’s important that whilst the doors remain fully, or part shut, we ensure there is the ability for fans of all EFL Clubs to be able to gain access and watch their team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sky Sports for their support in this matter. Collectively, it’s not our preferred situation but given the circumstances COVID has presented us it gives us a temporary option whilst we finalise our plans for fans returning.”

Leagues One and Two Streaming

League One and Two are able to stream any match not shown live on Sky to fans who purchase individual match passes for £10.

The new framework for Season Ticket Holders allows Clubs to have the option to also stream:

- All home matches, including those shown live on Sky

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- Clubs cannot provide access to any away match, live on Sky or not, within a season ticket package.

Carabao Cup Streaming

Round One Carabao Cup matches that are not selected for live broadcast by Sky Sports will also be eligible for Clubs to stream. These will only be available on a match pass basis at £10.