Houghton is taking nothing for granted next season

Houghton, right, faces competition from new signing Hiram Boateng for a starting spot
Houghton, right, faces competition from new signing Hiram Boateng for a starting spot

Despite being a regular last season, Jordan Houghton says he will have to fight for his spot in Paul Tisdale's starting line-up this season.

Houghton made 48 appearances for Dons last time out, scoring two goals as they secured promotion.

With Brennan Dickenson and Hiram Boateng adding to the ranks this summer, Tisdale has plenty of options at his disposal for the opening game of the season away at Bury.

And though he was one of the first names on the teamsheet last season, Houghton is taking nothing for granted, highlighting areas he needs to improve to ensure he locks down a spot in the starting 11.

He said: "I want to play as many games as I can. I was happy with the games I played last season. I'm not expecting the shirt straight away, I've got to fight for it and every game. I have to earn the shirt and the right to play. I want to chip in wit ha few more goals, but there are a lot of things I need to improve. Hopefully Tis and the coaches will help me improve.

"We've got another couple of weeks of hard training before it settles down. We're looking forward to the first game of the season, to get it cracking and getting the ball rolling."

Jordan Houghton

Jordan Houghton

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With the first pre-season friendly less than a week away, when Dons play Brackley on Tuesday, Houghton says many of Tisdale's philosophies from League Two have remained the same over the summer, but admits there are likely to be new ideas he looks to integrate as they approach the first game of the season proper.

"Last season, I came in a little later, but in a lot of the sessions, Tis had us working on his style of play, his philosophy," Houghton continued. "A lot of the team is a same this year so we know what he wants. There will obviously be bits he tinkers with, but everyone knows what he wants.

"We can concentrate on the basic stuff: the fitness, things like that. We will get to the tactical elements, but we're already a step ahead. We all look good, we look fit, training has been competitive."