Important for players to enjoy Christmas but stay professional

Dons giving out presents on the children's wardDons giving out presents on the children's ward
Dons giving out presents on the children's ward
The Christmas period is a busy one for footballers, but Russell Martin says it is important for his players to take time out over the festive period.

The players will not be training on Christmas Day, but will be asked to carry out their own fitness regimes ahead of the trip to Southend on Boxing Day.

“You’ve got to find a balance,” he said. “You might have to sacrifice some of the things you might enjoy if you weren’t a footballer, but the sacrifice is well worth it – you’re a long time retired, and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Christmas! But it’s important they spend time with their families, but you have to be professional, and I trust the lads to do that.

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“Outside of this place, you need to spent time with family, you need time doing things you love with the people you love otherwise what’s the point?”

And with the tradition of the hectic festive period, Martin says playing on Boxing Day is something he has always looked forward to.

He added: “I love Boxing Day games, I used to love playing in them, and I think everyone does, players and fans. I used to go to them as a kid, and I love being involved in them now.

“We’ll all be looking forward to that and the whole Christmas period, and then we’ve got two home games. It means players can get their families over and watch the games.”

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