Kit man is a popular and important member of the Dons fold

Part 2: Tributes to Lanning from the Dons dressing room
Ian LanningIan Lanning
Ian Lanning

He might not have kicked a ball in anger at Stadium MK, but Ian Lanning is a vital member of the squad according to Russell Martin.

With the kit man approaching his 1,000th game on Tuesday night, the Dons boss praised the man who helps things tick over behind the scenes.

"He has an area of the pitch named after him, so that shows how important he is to us and the lads!" said Martin. "We love Lanno. He's a fascinating character. He's worked in the game for so long, he understands people and he adds comedy value without realising half of the time!

"I've said on numerous occasions how fortunate I am to be working with such brilliant people, and he's part of that team. He's a really important part. He's not just a kit man, but he does a lot of the logistical stuff, the hotels, he does a lot for the players, and us as a group.

"As the kit man, you get ribbed relentlessly by the players but everyone knows how important he is to the club."

Martin made more than 500 appearances during his career, but with Lanning approaching 1,000 against Rochdale, he added: "Getting to 1,000 games is incredible in that role, so hopefully we can mark it with a win."

Scott Fraser also praised the kit man for helping him settle into the dressing room quickly.

"Lanno is a great guy," he said. "As a kitman, it's his job to get the strips ready, the boots ready. And they've always got one or two stories! He's been brilliant since I've got here, I've not got a bad word to say about him.

"I always ask him for good socks! I hate it when he hands me holey ones and he's learned that now! Touch wood, he's not given me them for a while now!

"He relaxes everybody, helps take our mind off the job in hand. Everywhere I've been, the kit men have always been a good laugh and he's no different."