Liverpool cash will not add to Tisdale's transfer kitty

Liverpool's Mo Salah
Liverpool's Mo Salah

With Dons expecting a big windfall as a result of the Carabao Cup third round tie with Liverpool next month, Paul Tisdale will not be spending money he has not yet got ahead of the transfer window closing next week.

Stadium MK is likely to sell-out for the visit of the European champions on September 25 - a game that will be shown on Sky television as well - but while tickets do not go on sale until Tuesday to season ticket holders, the transfer window closes on Monday evening.

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With Tisdale likely to be in the market for another striker before the close, the added bonus of a money-spinning Premier League side coming to Milton Keynes could have been very helpful to the Dons manager in acquiring his targets.

Tisdale though is not expecting any extra funds to be put his way.

"I don't think this will mean anything different," he said. "You always go from one window to the next. We've all done everything we can do, but this is payback for Peter (Winkelman).

"Conventionally, you'd ask or request or demand some of those funds go towards the playing squad, well I think Peter has given that already. He has gone out and tried as hard as he can, so this is the payback for him.

"For a club that has pushed itself to the limit in the last few year,s I'm delighted for everyone that we've got this. It's a great game, forgetting the finances involved.

"We have to take a step back and look at it – we've got the European champions at Stadium MK. We're looking for a full house, a great night in Milton Keynes win, lose or draw. We're really looking forward to it."