Martin rules MK Dons out of signing duo

"There's nothing in it for for us with either of them"
Jake Doyle-HayesJake Doyle-Hayes
Jake Doyle-Hayes

Russell Martin has squashed two rumours linking him with Jake Doyle-Hayes and Ross Stewart before the transfer window closes next week.

Doyle-Hayes is an Irish midfielder released by Aston Villa after a good loan spell with Cheltenham last season, while striker Stewart has been drawing attention for his performances for Ross County up in Scotland, netting 11 goals in 26 appearances for the Staggies last season.

Despite their pedigree though, Martin said there was no substance to the rumours.

"They're two names that I know," he said. "One is attached to a club and I know their manager personally so I don't want ot talk about him, and the other guy is a free agent who has been on a number of lists for a few clubs. There's nothing in it for us with either of them."

While there has been no movement since the signing of Scott Fraser two weeks ago, Martin said he still has irons in the fire to bring at least one more player - a striker - to the club before the window closes on Monday night.

However, with last weeks announcement that fans would not be returning to grounds in the near future, he admitted plans have had to change.

He said: "We're still actively working on bringing in a player, and there might be a couple that move on. It's a unique window. The news with the fans last week has really altered everyone's plans, including ours. We've had to reassess what we're doing because the landscape has changed a little bit, but it's the same for everyone.

"We're looking into different options now, and hopefully we'll add someone that we need to the squad before the window shuts.

"We have to be open to something that maybe hasn't already. Being a manager for a short period, you learn that things change quickly in recruitment or in loaning people out. But everyone seems to hit the panic button in the last week and things start moving! Whether that happens this time though because of the situation I don't know.

"People are still working out their budgets and what they've got after the announcements last week. We've still got certain names in mind but also we're open to something coming up in the last few days. We won't sign anyone for the sake of it."