Bamford can’t do it alone

Patrick Bamford
Patrick Bamford

Karl Robinson has admitted his attackers need to start chipping in with goals if MK Dons are to make anything of this season.

Patrick Bamford scored his 11th goal of the season against Leyton Orient on Saturday, but next on the top scorers list is defender Shaun Williams with four - three of which were penalties.

And with Bamford’s loan set to expire in January, Robinson is concerned that none of his front line are scoring regular goals.

He said: “My worry is that our other attackers aren’t contributing any goals.

“I’m more worried this year than I was last year, because although we’ve scored a similar number of goals, I had goals coming from all over. The goals were evenly spread.

“This year, they’re coming predominantly from one man. And we can’t just rely on Patrick.

“It’s not the way this system is supposed to work. He’s supposed to be the support mechanism.

“We’ve put all of our eggs into Patrick and it’s too much pressure to put on his young shoulders.”

The manager though believes when Dean Bowditch returns from injury, and when Daniel Powell gets back to full match fitness, the goals will start coming again.

He said: “Last season, Bowditch and Powell were consistently scoring and creating goals.

“I don’t think we’ve had that consistently this season because of the loan players we’ve had to bring in.

“And loan players have to learn when they come to this club that those wide positions are expected to get goals.”