Chairman Pete Winkelman demands answers after another Dons red card

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KARL Robinson avoided a post-match inquest into his side’s poor disciplinary record in the opening four games of the season – however chairman Pete Winkelman challenged it head on.

In an unprecedented move, the Dons chairman faced the media to vent his frustration at the four red cards his side have received so far this season.

Stephen Gleeson, Antony Kay, Alan Smith and now Dean Lewington have all been given their marching orders since the season kicked off two weeks ago, but Winkelman believes only the dismissal of Kay was justified and he wants to know why his team are always on the receiving end.

“I want to congratulate Swindon Town – they deserved to win today,” the chairman said. “But we’ve suffered another sending off today, and it’s something I can’t really believe.

“We are one of the best football playing teams in the entire league. We are not a dirty team, we don’t play to get people sent off, we don’t play to hurt anybody, we try to play better football.

“But sometimes, it doesn’t come off, like we saw here today. But at the same time, we’ve tried very hard to look at what’s going on. We’ve had meetings with referees, we’ve had them in this week to analyse things, and we want to know where we’re going wrong.

“But we’ve seen another sending off today, after an apparent elbow from Dean Lewington, who had picked up the ball after a free kick had been awarded.

“I’ve seen the video back myself – and I know referees don’t have the opportunity to do that – but it wasn’t even a free kick. Lewington has held the ball, the Swindon player has come to get the ball back of him, like we see all the time up and down the country.

“But this time, he has grabbed Dean around the throat and he raised his elbow to keep him away. That was interpreted as a sending off, and I cannot tell you how much it changes the game, but it does.

“Swindon, who were really good today, scored when we were in disarray having just lost our captain.

“I’ve come to the end of a game that we have lost with huge disappointment, huge frustration, and pretty upset about it.

“We accept sendings off when they are deserved. These others? I just don’t get it. This is really having an affect on us.

“We have one of the best teams that we’ve ever seen at MK Dons, they have promotion set as their ambition, and I think that unless we get some reasonable consistency in the refereeing decisions then I’m worried that it won’t be our season, and that would be a hell of a disappointment to me.”