DEADLINE DAY: ‘No News is good news’ says Robbo


Karl Robinson hopes no news is good news for MK Dons fans as the transfer window nears a close.

The window closes at 11pm tonight, but rumours of a bid for midfielder Dele Alli have been rife since the window opened, and have only heightened since his stand-out performance against Manchester United last Tuesday night.

The manager and his back-room staff will remain inside stadium:mk until the window closes, hoping to fend off any potential bids for their players rather than adding to the squad.

And while many fans will be bunkered down in front of 24 hour sports news services, Robinson hopes MK Dons will remain away from the headlines.

“We’re just pottering about at the moment,” said Robinson. “I have no qualms with that because the squad is really strong at the moment.

“But the biggest and most important thing is that we don’t lose any of our main players. I’m still here because I don’t want them to go and hopefully we can get past the window.

“It has been a slow day, it feels like time has stopped at bit.

“This could be my biggest window. It started back in June. The players we brought in have made a massive different, but also keeping hold of our best players.

“Every fan should be hoping they don’t see MK Dons popping up on any ‘breaking news.’ Your best window will be no news is great news until January 1!”

Speaking before 9pm, Robinson said he wasn’t anticipating any late moves for any of his players, but said he’d be staying until the bitter end out of respect for his players and the fans.

He said: “As we stand right now, I don’t think anything will happen but I don’t want to jinx it. We owe it to the fans to remain here until the window is closed.

“Hopefully we’ll be celebrating come 11pm and we’ve kept all our best players.”