Dons can’t forget about the price tag

Karl Robinson chats to former Dons man Seyi Ojo. Pic: Lee Scriven.
Karl Robinson chats to former Dons man Seyi Ojo. Pic: Lee Scriven.

The big spending power of clubs in the Championship isn’t just restricted to the upper echelons, and with January approaching, Karl Robinson is preparing for a tough winter.

Although out of the relegation zone at the moment, the Dons boss knows there will be plenty of cash splashed during the impending transfer window, but little to none of it will becoming out of stadium:mk.

And while Robinson will have to cope with what he’s got, he knows those down in the dirt with him will be spending big to get away from trouble.

“My biggest worry is people spending in January,” he admitted. “And they’ll spend millions.

“It means I have to work harder. We have to coach more. We have to be the best coaches we can be. We have to work harder. It’s all about us and what we do.

“We can’t fix problems by spending £1 million.

“We can’t change things the same way 95 per cent of these clubs can - in a monetary way.

“We have to solve it in a coaching way or extra effort. It’s a strong trait of ours.”

For now at least, that appears to be working, with Dons sitting 19th in the table.

But money certainly talks, especially in football.

Should the likes of Bolton, Charlton Bristol City splash the cash, it could leave Dons facing a different plan for next season.

Robinson said:“We have to have two plans, including one for League 1.

“You’ve got to roll the dice carefully and keep your cards close to your chest.

“You just can’t plan too far ahead. I have two ideas of how I want to progress.

“This is the best achievement of my life so far. The league table doesn’t lie.

“We haven’t been at the bottom of the table yet, which is a good thing. When you start at the bottom, there’s only one way to look. We’re overachieving. And it takes the pressure off the players.”

What would really take the pressure off would be matching those around them in the cash department.

But it looks like they’ll need to be more astute.