Dons considering a complaint after AFC Wimbledon sub blasts balls at fans

MK Dons fans at Plough LaneMK Dons fans at Plough Lane
MK Dons fans at Plough Lane
The AFC Wimbledon player was seen smashing footballs at the MK Dons fans during the warm-up

MK Dons are considering a complaint against AFC Wimbledon's Harry Pell after he fired balls into the away supporters at Plough Lane on Saturday.

The unused substitute was, during the warm-up, seen blasting footballs at the travelling supporters behind the goal. He continued through the duration of the pre-match routine.

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Pell's actions top the list of several complaints MK Dons supporters had on the day, including abuse from stewards and only one turnstile being opened to allow the 800+ travelling fans into the stadium.

Several members of MK Dons' back-room staff were behind the goal too, including Bobby Winkelman, sporting director Liam Sweeting and injured top-scorer Max Dean.

Some AFC Wimbledon players also ran directly to the away supporters at the full-time whistle following their 94th minute winner to celebrate in front of them, sparking a scuffle between both sets of players.

Posting on Instagram, @FranchiseDons said they planned on making a formal complaint about Pell's actions as he targeted away fans.

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They wrote: "We plan on making a formal complaint by whatever means necessary and to whoever it may concern regarding the AFC Wimbledon player that booted 10+ balls into the MK Dons away fans prior to kickoff, whilst his teammates peacefully warmed up."

It is understood MK Dons are considering whether they too will be taking further action against Pell.

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