Dons had 'plenty of opportunities' to score says a frustrated Tisdale

Paul Tisdale wanted more from his side after MK Dons lost 1-0 to Southend on Saturday.

Saturday, 21st September 2019, 7:09 pm
Paul Tisdale

After conceding in the opening five minutes to Charlie Kelman's strike, Dons dominated possession but could not find a way to break through Gary Waddock's side as they held on for their first win of the season.

A frustrated Tisdale said: "We should have scored. We had over 90 minutes to put pressure on the opposition that was intent on defending. But we tried hard, we put in a lot of effort and forward thrust, but we have to be better at putting the ball in the net. It's easier said than done though.

"We needed more craft, more guile, something else. We had 90 minutes. Every game will be different, and forthcoming games will be different. We have to meet every challenge and come out on top. We had plenty of opportunity and we are good enough.

"We're not at full strength with our creative players but we have to find a way. We had players missing. Every challenge is different and we didn't quite do the job today.

"Southend nicked a goal in the first few minutes and then a long 90 minutes to defend. They were resolute. We had to break them down but we had long enough, so I cannot criticise. I could only hope we could have done enough to break them down and we didn't. We've drawn two blanks this week. It was different to Tuesday.

"Today we had the whole game to do something about it. We're all disappointed but we have to learn the details about scoring a goal."