Dons should claim from the FA, says Chesterfield chief exec

Chesterfield Chief Exec Chris Turner
Chesterfield Chief Exec Chris Turner

Chesterfield chief executive Chris Turner believes MK Dons should seek compensation from the FA for having to field the FA Cup second round replay.

The Spireites were found guilty of fielding an ineligible player - Georg Margreitter on loan from Wolves - in the original fixture on December 6.

MK Dons vs Chesterfield - Georg Margreitter - pic by James Williamson SNL-140812-115844044

MK Dons vs Chesterfield - Georg Margreitter - pic by James Williamson SNL-140812-115844044

But rather than fine or expel Chesterfield from the competition, the FA have ordered a replay of the game at stadium:mk.

While it hands an FA Cup lifeline back to Karl Robinson’s side, Dons now face an estimated £20,000 bill for hosting the game at MK1.

Although Turner admitted it was a problem solely of Chesterfield’s creation, he stopped short of offering Dons any financial reparations, but instead suggested Dons claim from the governing body.

“I think the compensation should come from the FA,” he said this morning. “MK Dons didn’t want a replay, or Chesterfield expelled from the competition. Why should they lose out?

“They’ve now got to put on a game in their stadium. There will be costs to that, and costings towards the fixture that I don’t think (the FA) have thought about when they made the decision.

“Maybe MK Dons will be looking at that. If they put the tie on, and they were to lose again and the gate be 2,000 or 3,000, they may lose £30,000 or £40,000. Why should they be penalised? It’s a really strange decision.

“They’re looking at the pricing of the game. It’ll cost them money. They’ve got to price it where they won’t lose money.

“It will be a reduced price, on an already reduced price for the original fixture. We’re looking at some sort of free transport for our supporters who want to travel to the game. We’re trying to soften the blow for the fans.”

Given the precedent set in previous occasions, Chesterfield can think themselves lucky to still be in the competition. Bury and Droylesdon were both thrown out of the FA Cup for similar infringements, while Bradford City were given a £1,000 fine.

But with Dons footing the brunt of the bill for the replay, Turner claimed Chesterfield wouldn’t be making money from the replayed game, and that they felt they were being punished.

He said: “Replaying the game never entered our thoughts. There is an implication to MK Dons, who have been tremendous ever since it came out. The sportsmanship shown by that professional club should be looked at by many others, it was truly superb.

“They’ve not thought of supporters or players.

“It was human error, a lack of communication between two parties within our club.

“I don’t think we got off lightly. If MK Dons wanted us kicked out, or strongly wanted the game replayed I could understand, but they were relying on the FA to make a decision. They supported us which is very rare is cases such as this.

“We’re not making money out of this.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong that has brought out this punishment.”