'Hard to predict' when new signings will come - Tisdale

Paul Tisdale
Paul Tisdale

With just three weeks to go before the season starts, Paul Tisdale admitted he cannot say when he will be able to sign another player.

Having already drafted in seven since arriving this summer, the former Exeter City boss still looks in desperate need of a proven goal-scorer after losing 1-0 to Brackley Town on Friday night.

With the squad heading to Spain for a week, their return will leave just two weeks before kick off at Oldham Athletic in the season opener and indeed the closing of the transfer window, but Tisdale admitted he is still looking at what he needs.

He said: "The thing with signing players is that it's hard to predict when it will happen. You cannot guarantee anything. You search hard for the player you want, you're constantly quantifying, asking whether it's the right decision, there's the financial element then there's the dynamic of the team. I have to balance it right.

"I can't just go out and sign loads of players, but we do need some.

"We've made some signings, some I know will come in and compete on day 1 - players like Ryan Harley and Jordan Moore-Taylor who I know very well. I'm always looking to improve.

"The window closes in three weeks, but we're in a period of transition and we haven't quite settled.

"I've seen enough football to see the shortcuts but I'm not quite there and I can't quite see the wood through the trees. We have some talent but we need to get them on the page. We need a route to goal, we need to know what the route is and we need to know how to defend our box. At the moment, there's a bit of a disconnect."

With seven in, Tisdale added some players may be leaving the club but said it is easier said than done sometimes.

He said: "Never say never. Again, we're in a transition. I keep saying I don't know but that's the reality. Even if they want to go, someone has to want them, and people might want them but I don't want them to go. There are always three parties involved: the player and both clubs.

"It's very fluid at the moment, and it's hard to predict where we will be in three weeks time. We're taking small steps, but we've got to stop things going backwards first. I can't do all these things overnight."