Manning ‘always chasing perfection’ with MK Dons

“You’ll never play the perfect game or have the perfect season”
Liam ManningLiam Manning
Liam Manning

There will always be room for improvement in the way MK Dons play, according to Liam Manning.

With the team getting closer to his vision of how they should play with each passing week, Manning admitted the strive for more will always be on his mind.

“It’s a challenge to be constantly chasing perfection - you’ll never get there,” he said.

“As a group of staff, we have to reflect on the good things but also what can get better. You’ll never play the perfect game or have the perfect season. There is always work, analysis and things to reflect on.

“I was really pleased with Morecambe, and elements of Leyton Orient too from the guys who hadn’t played a lot. We looked unpredictable and that’s what I like.

“We know our top-line principles, we know we want the ball, we want to be brave and play, we want to be attack-minded, but we also want to be adaptable so teams can’t read what we’re doing. This group is making good decisions at the moment.”

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